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Write a definition essay about a topic you have selected. IMPORTANT: Please follow the guidelines outlined for the definition pattern of development in intellipath and in the chapter of your textbook on writing this type of essay. Use the information to outline your essay and include this outline with your paper submission. Please submit your paper using APA manuscript formatFollowing the definition pattern of development, your paper should contain:an introduction paragraph (place your thesis statement near or at the end of this paragraph)body paragraphs (each body paragraph should present and discuss a point that supports your thesis statement)a conclusion paragraphCHECK LIST:Format your project in APA manuscript style in the following order:Title PageAbstractEssayWrite the essay using the definition pattern of development:Write the essay using a formal tone, which avoids the use of personal pronouns (you, I, me, or we).IMPORTANT: Do not research this essay or include any citations.