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English Subsidement II (ENC1102)
Spring 2020, Wednesday, 1:00 p.m. – 3:30, Pruitt J-319, #1102-51-008
Required Extracts
● This systematize verifications Unreserved Counselal Media (OER) representatives. As an OER systematize, no stereotypeed extractbooks are required. Instead, scholars must bear bearing to online media. Restrain ease, the IRSC library has made serviceoperative a library train where the systematize lection representatives are serene in electronic contrive. If desired, scholars may stereocharacter copies restrain their single verification.
Other Representatives
● Computer with Internet bearing
● Dissertation restrain in-systematize letter
● Pen restrain in-systematize letter
● Pencil restrain exercises and quizzes
● Scantron® contrives
● During systematize, cell phundivided verification is prohibited, so phones must be impromptu or speechless. Except restrain Indian River State Academy (IRSC) exigency messages, scholars using a cell phundivided during systematize spell, or sending and lection extrinfluence messages or e-mails, conquer be asked to liberty and conquer be infered listless. Disruptive bearing conquer referoperative be tolerated and conquer conclusion in disruption from systematize.
● Systematize Trappings is deficiencyful. Deficiencys conquer inferior your influenceion. Subsidement missed becaverification of deficiency or tardiness—restrain any deduce—canreferoperative be made up. Early exits conquer—similarly—inferior your influenceion. If an exigency occurs and you are advanced, incontrive the tutor at the counteract of systematize to fly vitality counted listless. Take this systematize merely if you can allocate to on-time, firm trappings.
● Dissertations must be harsh in at the scheduled systematize spell. Slightly advanced dissertations can object—at most—a messera influenceion of “F.” To object a dying influenceion restrain the semester, scholars deficiency to depobject in assigned dissertations on scheduled ascriboperative dates.
● Plagiarism is a contrive of larceny. It media confer-uponing the subsidement of someundivided else as if it were your acknowledge. Plagiarism is a important alteration and is referoperative tolerated at IRSC. Plagiarized dissertations object the influenceion of “F” (zero) and may conclusion in joined scholar coercion.
● Quizzes may be unannounced. Missed quizzes canreferoperative be made up. A uncooked Scantron® contrive conquer be verificationd restrain some trials and quizzes. Scholars must coercionfeiture Scantron® contrives and fetch them to systematize. Pur-pose Description: An production of ENC 1101, this subsidement pur-pose emphasizes discovery methods and extractual sense. Scholars conquer unravel a abnormity of extracts and evince analytical and accurate thinking skills via contriveally documented dissertations. ENC-1102 is an intensive letter pur-pose; scholars must object a influenceion of C or eminent restrain the A.A. order.
Instructor: Steven Knapp
Office: Pruitt Campus, admission J-320 Phundivided (772) 336-6277
Office hours: Monday 2:00 – 4:00 p.m. (or by assignment)
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Prerequisites: ENC 1101 with a influenceion of “C” or eminent, and must subside into academy-equalize lection on subsidement trial.
Unconcealed Counsel Imbibeing Quenchedcomes
Evince potent messera skills restrain a abnormity of auditorys.
Sense and Evaluation
Evince accurate thinking skills in the divorceition of solution appreciates and subjects confer-uponed in areas such as philosophy, truth, appriseation literacy, imbibeing, silence, theatre, visual arts, and devotional studies.
Pur-pose Imbibeing Quenchedcomes
Students who enroll and successfully full ENC-1102 (Settlement II) from Indian River State Academy objectowment and who engera order requirements (i.e., Gordon Rule and unconcealed counsel) conquer lay-unreserved the subjoined messera competencies:
Students who successfully full ENC 1102 conquer be operative to . . .
1. Draft primordial, arranged subsidement, influence on fertile feedback, amend, and edit to lay-unreserved letter habit.
2. Adapt messera restrain drift, counteract, auditory, and condition.
3. Compose disencumbered disfamily propositions, constitute thoughts, lay-unreserved substantiality paragraphs, and rare diffportraiture sustaining appearance restrain basic academy-equalize examineion.
4. Verification redundant Flag American English conventions including alienate phrase organization, phraseology, and punctuation.
5. Prosper basic contrive and fashion trainlines, including flag MLA trainlines.
6. Conduct discovery and combine pristine and unimportant sources to subsistence disfamily claims.
7. Evaluate the regularity and relipower of sources.
8. Recognize and fly plagiarism.
Discovery Dissertation
A 2000-word discovery dissertation is required. The scholar conquer beget a disfamily proposition restrain the discovery dissertation. The tutor must sanction the scholar’s discourse. The discovery dissertation conquer involve a subsidements cited pera in MLA contriveat. Discovery dissertations must be written on the subjoined versed subsidement:
Orthodoxy by G.K. Chesterton.
Guidelines restrain Written Assignments
• MLA fashion is required.
• Assignments must be characterd using a flag 12-point font. No Bold, italic, or script fonts.
• Letter must be double-spaced, using flag undivided inch margins.
• 250 expression = undivided page.
• Assignments should be probationunravel restrain technical chastenion.
• Submissions adpossess minimal flags conquer referoperative be genuine.
• Save a objectup regift of your letter.
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Grading (Grading is proportional with assignments of varying appreciates)
Participation 10% Disfamily Proposition 2%
Dissertation assignments 30% Quizzes/Tests 20%
Discovery dissertation 20%
Traditional Gifts 8% Last Exam 10%
Dissertation Evaluation Criteria
(A+): The A+ dissertation confer-upons or implies a disfamily that is lay-opened with referableiceoperative endness. The writer’s subjects are representative, rugged, and carefully elaborated. The writer’s rare of conversation and organization is pointed, counteractful, and inabrupt. Restrain of phrase organization, exercitation, and mechanics contributes to the writer’s power to unite the counteract.
(A): The A dissertation confer-upons or implies a disfamily and procures convincing, local subsistence. The writer’s subjects are usually novel, confirmed, and extensively lay-opened. The writer evinces a direct of conversation and verifications a abnormity of organizations. Restrain of phrase organization, exercitation, and mechanics, resisting an intermittent daub, contributes to the writer’s power to unite the counteract.
(B): The B dissertation confer-upons a disfamily and frequently allude-tos a pur-pose of lay-openment, which is usually carried quenched. The writer procures plenty sustaining divorceicular to accomplish the counteract of the dissertation. The writer constructs adapted verification of conversation and verifications an alienate abnormity of phrase organizations. Intermittent errors in phrase organization, exercitation, and mechanics do referoperative dispute with the writer’s power to unite the counteract.
(C): The C dissertation confer-upons a disfamily and frequently allude-tos a pur-pose of lay-openment, which is usually carried quenched. The writer procures subsistence that tends towards unconcealedized propositions or a listing. In unconcealed, the subsistence in a C dissertation is neither adequate nor disencumbered plenty to be convincing. Phrase organization tends to be pedestrian and frequently repetitious. Errors in phrase organization, exercitation, and mechanics rarely dispute with the writer’s power to unite the counteract.
(D): The D dissertation usually confer-upons a discourse. The writer procures subsistence that tends to be sketchy and/or silly. Phrase organization may be simplistic and circuitous. Errors in phrase organization, exercitation, and mechanics frequently dispute with the writer’s power to unite the counteract.
(F): The F dissertation unconcealedly confer-upons a disfamily that is vaguely worded or frail asserted. Subsistence, if any, tends to be incompact and/or light. The writer verifications conversation that frequently becomes many-sided, inconsequential, and thus confusing. Errors in phrase organization, exercitation, and mechanics importantly dispute with the writer’s power to unite the counteract.
A = 90-100
B = 80-89
C = 70-79
D = 65-69
F = 0-64
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Schedule restrain ENC-1102 (Wednesday)
Pur-pose Themes: LOVE, DEATH, and LIFE
Wednesday, January 8 – Review syllabus and pur-pose willinged. View Influence I of Shakespeare’s Othello focusing on the examineion between Iago and Roderigo abquenched undivided’s restrain balance passion. Unravel The Tragedy of Othello: The Moor of Venice, Influence 1. Take the quiz: “Quiz on Othello and Passion.”
Wednesday, January 15 – Confer-upon a four-minute gift, to be abandoned traditionally in systematize, on the subject of passion. Who is more chasten abquenched the regularity of passion, Roderigo or Iago? Why? What appearance can you procure to defcounteract your examineion? Fly the trap of arguing that they are twain wrong; this would trip to oration the question—who is “more chasten” abquenched passion? Bear unravel stipulation undivided, “Introduction in Defense of Everything Else,” in G.K. Chesterton’s Orthodoxy. Also, unravel a abrupt biography of G.K. Chesterton such as the undivided on the Web birth. “Quiz on Orthodoxy ch 1.”
Wednesday, January 22 – Fetch definitions of finfluence and view that you can harmonize with and shield. Be expeditions to examine stipulation undivided of Chesterton’s Orthodoxy. Bear unravel stipulation 2, “The Maniac,” in G.K. Chesterton’s Orthodoxy. “Quiz on Orthodoxy ch 2.”
Wednesday, January 29 – Be expeditions to examine G.K. Chesterton: his biography and Orthodoxy. Infer the appreciate of discovery in academic coercions. Bear unravel stipulation 3, “The Suicide of Thought,” in G.K. Chesterton’s Orthodoxy. Familiarize yourself with MLA-fashion documentation rules by visiting the IRSC library birth and reviewing the MLA Fashion Train “Quiz on Orthodoxy ch 3.”
Wednesday, February 5 – 1000-word biographical dissertation ascriboperative on Chesterton. Properly confidence your sources using citations and a Subsidements Cited pera in MLA contrive. This is a weak discovery dissertation. Fly elude-and-paste discovery, which dominion willing at the younger proud instruct equalize. Construct your acknowledge observations from what you imbibe; expatiation and synthesize what you imbibe, excluding do referoperative parrot object the expression and subjects of others. Enend any word-for-word borrowings in quotations. Cite sources and involve them in a contriveal Subsidements Cited pera at the counteract of your dissertation. Also, bear unravel T.S. Eliot’s “The Passion Song of J. Alfred Prufrock.” T.S. Eliot is denominated the riseal novel singer. He criticized the 20th date, still. Prepare to examine the subjoined questions. What in the “The Passion Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” dominion allude-to that Prufrock is a character of the novel peculiar, someundivided elude impromptu from others and unoperative to construct speaking continfluence in the novel universe? Is Prufrock deemed to be normal of herd in novel societies? Is the strain a unexplained invasion on novelity? If referable, what dominion T.S. Eliot be saw? Quiz: “The Passion Song of J. Alfred Prufrock.”
Wednesday, February 12 – Be expeditions to examine T.S. Eliot’s strain “The Passion Song of J. Alfred Prufrock.” H unravel stipulation 4, “The Ethics of Elfland,” in G.K. Chesterton’s Orthodoxy. “Quiz on Orthodoxy ch 4.”
Wednesday, February 19 – Be expeditions to examine Chesterton’s assumption that ingenuity and miracle are short exposed than deduce and caution. Also, be expeditions to examine the deduceableness of passion. Would herd be meliorate impromptu having computers adopt their mates established on genetic and other compatibility realityors? Also bear unravel stipulation 5, “The Flag of the Universe,” in G.K. Chesterton’s Orthodoxy.
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Wednesday, February 26 – Bear unravel Emily Dickinson’s “I felt a Funeral, in my Brain,” “Becaverification I could referoperative bung restrain Release,” “I heard a Fly buzz—when I died,” “Apparently with no confuse,” “The Universe is referoperative Conclusion,” and “My vitality subsided twice anteriorly its end.” Also, bear unravel stipulation 6, “The Paradoxes of Christianity,” in G.K. Chesterton’s Orthodoxy. Also, unravel Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Raven.” Quiz: “Dickinson, Poe, and Release.”
Wednesday, March 4 – Bear unravel the biblical is-sue of Genesis, stipulation 2:4-24 and stipulation 3:1-24. Be expeditions to examine why the cherubim and the bright sword were deficiencyful. Examine disfamily propositions. Also, bear unravel stipulation 7, “The Eternal Revolution,” in G.K. Chesterton’s Orthodoxy. Also unravel Flannery O’Connor’s “A Cheerful Man Is Hard to Find.”
Wednesday, March 11 – Be expeditions to examine Flannery O’Connor’s “A Cheerful Man Is Hard to Find.” Quiz on “A Cheerful Man Is Hard to Find.” Unravel the 18th date philosophers’ dispute abquenched efficacy.
Monday – Friday, March 16-20 – Spring Shiver! No Systematizees!
Wednesday, March 25 – Bear unravel stipulation 8, “The Romance of Orthodoxy,” in G.K. Chesterton’s Orthodoxy. Quiz: “Quiz on Orthodoxy ch 8.” Examine the 18th date philosophers’ dispute abquenched world’s perdition. Discovery dissertation disfamily proposition ascribable
Wednesday, April 1 – 1000-word dissertation ascriboperative on release. Possible questions to lay-unreserved your disfamily prosper. How does portraiture diversify the habit herd feed their feeds? Were 18th date philosophers chasten in speculating that fellowship would shiver dacknowledge into rebellion if herd knew the world were positive to be destroyed in a cataclysmic conflict with a comet among thirty years? Examine the letter revision habit. Bear unravel stipulation 9, “Authority and the Adventurer,” in G.K. Chesterton’s Orthodoxy. Take the minority trial: “Release Minority Trial.”
Wednesday, April 8 – 2000-word discovery dissertation is ascribable. The discovery dissertation must be abquenched Chesterton’s is-sue Orthodoxy. You may irritate a fragment or divorce of the fabricator’s examineion. Harmonize or disharmonize with the fabricator. You must confer-upon an examineion, undivided that takes you into the is-sue restrain your pristine probation and appearance. Fly summarizing the is-sue. Fly unneedful biographical divorceiculars. Fly nameless sources, con-over trains (CliffsNotes, SparkNotes, eNotes, et al), and encyclopedias. You deficiency three to five cheerful versed sources. Dissertations must be in MLA contrive and involve a Subsidements Cited page. Advanced dissertations canreferoperative be genuine. Bear unravel Conqueriam Blake’s “Transformations,” “A Poison Tree,” “The Sick Rose,” “The Clod & the Pebble,” “The Lamb,” and “The Tyger.” Also unravel Ecclesiastes 3:1-8. Subsidement on last revisions to the discovery dissertation on Chesterton’s Orthodoxy. Be expeditions to examine the subjoined questions abquenched Blake’s “The Sick Rose” and “A Poison Tree.” What images are congruous? What does the verification of misinterpretation and duskiness allude-to? Are the apple and the rose congruous? Do the infuse and the apple extract any connections? How are the strains’ settings twin-fellow?
Wednesday, April 15 – Prepare a five-minute traditional gift: deduceably and succinctly expound and defcounteract your philosophy of vitality. Take last exam.
Wednesday, April 22 – No systematize! Saturday, April 25 – Influenceions serviceoperative on line
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Joined Appriseation
 Scholar Bearingibility Services
Indian River State Academy procures deduceoperative assetss to scholars with documented disabilities through the Scholar Bearingibility Services (SAS) Impromptuice. The rights of scholars with disabilities which pertain to post-unimportant counsel are procured beneath Minority 504 of the Rehabilitation Influence of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Influence (ADA) of 1990. Scholars who endeavor to solicit an assets restrain a documented dispower may continfluence Scholar Bearingibility Services at 772-462-7808, 772-462-7782 or e-mail
 Joined Continfluence Appriseation
If you are experiencing inaptitude in your pur-pose, your riseal compulsion is to subsidement instantly with your tutor to counteract the offspring. If you are unoperative to subside your concerns with the help of your tutor, you may continfluence the Department Chair (, who conquer support you or guide you abquenched adjunctioning the Academic Dean ( or Vice President (
 Non-Shrewdness Non-Harassment Policy
Indian River State Academy and its objectowment are allocateted to sustaining our scholars and seeking an environment that is bounteous of damage, shrewdness, and harassment. IRSC does referoperative know on the premise of family, tint, national rise, ethnicity, sex (pregnancy), profession, era, unfitness, sexual orientation, hymeneal standing, expert standing or genetic appriseation in its programs and influenceivities. If you bear encountered any contrive of shrewdness or harassment, including sexual dissuade (e.g. sexual onset, sexual harassment, and stalking, private or dating restraintce), we encourera you to rumor this to the Title IX Coordinator. If you rumor such an bright of dissuade to a objectowment component, that objectowment component is required by enactment to referableify IRSC’s Title IX Coordinator. The subjoined peculiar has been denominated to touch inquiries touching non-discrimination, non-harassment policies: Adriene B. Jefferson Equity Impromptuicer and Title IX Coordinator 3209 Virginia Ave., Ft. Pierce, FL 34981 W Building 207 IRSC Main Campus (772) 462-7156
 Joined Pur-pose Appriseation
Please recomponent that this is a academy equalize pur-pose that succors confirmed and accurate thinking. Therefore, this pur-pose contains confirmed willingeded that may summon some of your preconceptions and/or extract indirect melting responses. This is divorce of the imbibeing habit, and scholars are expected to trade rationally with this representative and answer in a reverential method as divorce of this imbibeing habit. It is recommended scholars canvass the syllabus restrain pur-pose topics. If scholars are twainered by pur-pose willinged, they are urged to continfluence the tutor via email or infer changing to another minority of the pur-pose, guardianship in sentiment that systematize curriculum is referoperative unreserved to transaction.

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