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English Conformation II (ENC1102)
Spring 2020, Wednesday, 1:00 p.m. – 3:30, Pruitt J-319, #1102-51-008
Required Citations
● This rank manifestations Unconcealed Counselal Resources (OER) representatives. As an OER rank, no stereotypeed citationbooks are required. Instead, novices must entertain entrance to online resources. Ce spare-time, the IRSC library has made profittelling a library lead where the rank lection representatives are cool in electronic fashion. If desired, novices may stereolikeness copies ce their idiosyncratic manifestation.
Other Representatives
● Computer with Internet entrance
● Article ce in-rank congruity
● Pen ce in-rank congruity
● Pencil ce exercises and quizzes
● Scantron® fashions
● During rank, cell phindividual manifestation is prohibited, so phones must be unstudied or dormant. Except ce Indian River State Academy (IRSC) pitch messages, novices using a cell phindividual during rank space, or sending and lection citation messages or e-mails, halt be asked to liberty and halt be infered lukewarm. Disruptive demeanor halt refertelling be tolerated and halt quenchedcome in disruption from rank.
● Rank Furniture is immanent. Omissions halt inferior your influenceion. Conclusion missed becamanifestation of omission or tardiness—ce any argue—canrefertelling be made up. Early exits halt—similarly—inferior your influenceion. If an pitch occurs and you are advanced, infashion the tutor at the purpose of rank to eschew career counted lukewarm. Take this rank solely if you can allocate to on-time, accurate furniture.
● Orations must be morose in at the scheduled rank space. Slightly advanced articles can halt—at most—a epistle influenceion of “F.” To halt a cessation influenceion ce the semester, novices demand to hinge in assigned articles on scheduled imputtelling dates.
● Plagiarism is a fashion of filching. It instrument exhibiting the conclusion of someindividual else as if it were your hold. Plagiarism is a solemn deflection and is refertelling tolerated at IRSC. Plagiarized articles halt the influenceion of “F” (zero) and may quenchedcome in joined novice guide.
● Quizzes may be unannounced. Missed quizzes canrefertelling be made up. A chill Scantron® fashion halt be manifestationd ce some criterions and quizzes. Novices must donation Scantron® fashions and procure them to rank. Career Description: An production of ENC 1101, this conformation career emphasizes elimination methods and citationual solution. Novices halt decipher a abnormity of citations and manifest analytical and momentous thinking skills via fashionally documented orations. ENC-1102 is an intensive congruity career; novices must halt a influenceion of C or loftier ce the A.A. extent.
Instructor: Steven Knapp
Office: Pruitt Campus, ground J-320 Phindividual (772) 336-6277
Office hours: Monday 2:00 – 4:00 p.m. (or by ordinance)
E-mail: sknapp@irsc.edu
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Prerequisites: ENC 1101 with a influenceion of “C” or loftier, and must attribute into academy-plane lection on attributement criterion.
Unconcealed Counsel Acquireing Quenchedcomes
Manifest efficient messperiod skills ce a abnormity of conferences.
Solution and Evaluation
Manifest momentous thinking skills in the portioition of guide prizes and effects exhibited in areas such as philosophy, occurrence, educateation literacy, acquireing, still n ess, theatre, visual arts, and pious studies.
Career Acquireing Quenchedcomes
Students who enroll and successfully purposeed ENC-1102 (Conformation II) from Indian River State Academy exhibit and who converge extent requirements (i.e., Gordon Rule and unconcealed counsel) halt serene the guidethcoming messperiod competencies:
Students who successfully purposeed ENC 1102 halt be telling to . . .
1. Draft pristine, systematic conclusion, influence on fruitful feedback, re-examine, and edit to serene congruity mode.
2. Adapt messperiod ce mood, purpose, conference, and aspect.
3. Compose serene subject assumptions, constitute thoughts, serene substance paragraphs, and fine plentiful sustaining testimony ce basic academy-plane controversy.
4. Manifestation immanent Likeness American English conventions including mismisexppurpose judgment constituency, mode, and punctuation.
5. Thrive basic fashion and mode leadlines, including likeness MLA leadlines.
6. Conduct elimination and consolidate pristine and subordinate sources to foundation subject claims.
7. Evaluate the power and relipower of sources.
8. Recognize and eschew plagiarism.
Elimination Article
A 2000-word elimination article is required. The novice halt causeate a subject assumption ce the elimination article. The tutor must second the novice’s subject. The elimination article halt enhalt a conclusions cited pperiod in MLA fashionat. Elimination articles must be written on the guidethcoming studious conclusion:
Orthodoxy by G.K. Chesterton.
Guidelines ce Written Assignments
• MLA mode is required.
• Assignments must be likenessd using a likeness 12-point font. No Bold, italic, or script fonts.
• Congruity must be double-spaced, using likeness individual inch margins.
• 250 judgment = individual page.
• Assignments should be testimonydecipher ce technical prevention.
• Submissions adpossess minimal likenesss halt refertelling be trustworthy.
• Save a tailup portraiture of your congruity.
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Grading (Grading is proportional with assignments of varying prizes)
Participation 10% Subject Assumption 2%
Oration assignments 30% Quizzes/Tests 20%
Elimination article 20%
Verbal Exhibitions 8% Conclusive Exam 10%
Oration Evaluation Criteria
(A+): The A+ article exhibits or implies a subject that is sereneed with referableicetelling continuity. The writer’s effects are perceptible, artful, and carefully elaborated. The writer’s select of displan and constituency is explicit, purposeful, and polished. Guide of judgment constituency, habit, and mechanics contributes to the writer’s power to dishalt the purpose.
(A): The A article exhibits or implies a subject and gets convincing, specific foundation. The writer’s effects are usually recent, confirmed, and scattered-abroad sereneed. The writer manifests a instruct of displan and manifestations a abnormity of constituencys. Guide of judgment constituency, habit, and mechanics, opposing an occasional fault, contributes to the writer’s power to dishalt the purpose.
(B): The B article exhibits a subject and repeatedly allude-tos a project of serenement, which is usually carried quenched. The writer gets satisfactory sustaining portioicular to purpose the purpose of the article. The writer performs suitable manifestation of displan and manifestations an mismisexppurpose abnormity of judgment constituencys. Occasional errors in judgment constituency, habit, and mechanics do refertelling clash with the writer’s power to dishalt the purpose.
(C): The C article exhibits a subject and repeatedly allude-tos a project of serenement, which is usually carried quenched. The writer gets foundation that tends towards unconcealedized assumptions or a listing. In unconcealed, the foundation in a C article is neither satisfactory nor serene satisfactory to be convincing. Judgment constituency tends to be pedestrian and repeatedly repetitious. Errors in judgment constituency, habit, and mechanics rarely clash with the writer’s power to dishalt the purpose.
(D): The D article usually exhibits a subject. The writer gets foundation that tends to be sketchy and/or discursive. Judgment constituency may be simplistic and tortuous. Errors in judgment constituency, habit, and mechanics regularly clash with the writer’s power to dishalt the purpose.
(F): The F article unconcealedly exhibits a subject that is vaguely worded or sick asserted. Foundation, if any, tends to be sparse and/or smattering. The writer manifestations displan that repeatedly becomes complicated, incongruous, and thus confusing. Errors in judgment constituency, habit, and mechanics solemnly clash with the writer’s power to dishalt the purpose.
A = 90-100
B = 80-89
C = 70-79
D = 65-69
F = 0-64
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Schedule ce ENC-1102 (Wednesday)
Career Themes: LOVE, DEATH, and LIFE
Wednesday, January 8 – Review syllabus and career gratified. View Influence I of Shakespeare’s Othello focusing on the controversy betwixt Iago and Roderigo abquenched individual’s guide aggravate benevolence. Decipher The Tragedy of Othello: The Moor of Venice, Influence 1. Take the quiz: “Quiz on Othello and Benevolence.”
Wednesday, January 15 – Exhibit a four-minute exhibition, to be dedicated verbally in rank, on the effect of benevolence. Who is past improve abquenched the truth of benevolence, Roderigo or Iago? Why? What testimony can you get to stroke your controversy? Eschew the extradition of arguing that they are twain wrong; this would lose to address the question—who is “past improve” abquenched benevolence? Entertain decipher passperiod individual, “Introduction in Defense of Everything Else,” in G.K. Chesterton’s Orthodoxy. Also, decipher a scanty biography of G.K. Chesterton such as the individual on the chesterton.org Web unpremeditatedice. “Quiz on Orthodoxy ch 1.”
Wednesday, January 22 – Procure definitions of finfluence and judgment that you can coincide with and stroke. Be expeditions to debate passperiod individual of Chesterton’s Orthodoxy. Entertain decipher passperiod 2, “The Maniac,” in G.K. Chesterton’s Orthodoxy. “Quiz on Orthodoxy ch 2.”
Wednesday, January 29 – Be expeditions to debate G.K. Chesterton: his biography and Orthodoxy. Infer the prize of elimination in academic guides. Entertain decipher passperiod 3, “The Suicide of Thought,” in G.K. Chesterton’s Orthodoxy. Familiarize yourself with MLA-mode documentation rules by visiting the IRSC library unpremeditatedice and reviewing the MLA Mode Lead http://irsc.libguides.com/mla “Quiz on Orthodoxy ch 3.”
Wednesday, February 5 – 1000-word biographical oration imputtelling on Chesterton. Properly security your sources using citations and a Conclusions Cited pperiod in MLA fashion. This is a little elimination article. Eschew slice-and-paste elimination, which ability be-enough at the younger exalted train plane. Perproduce your hold observations from what you acquire; disquisition and synthesize what you acquire, excepting do refertelling parrot tail the judgment and effects of others. Enhalt any word-for-word borrowings in quotations. Cite sources and enhalt them in a fashional Conclusions Cited pperiod at the purpose of your article. Also, entertain decipher T.S. Eliot’s “The Benevolence Song of J. Alfred Prufrock.” T.S. Eliot is named the pristine exhibit bard. He criticized the 20th seniority, ultimately. Prepare to debate the guidethcoming questions. What in the “The Benevolence Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” ability allude-to that Prufrock is a likeness of the exhibit idiosyncratic, someindividual slice unstudied from others and untelling to perproduce indicative continfluence in the exhibit world? Is Prufrock announceed to be normal of herd in exhibit societies? Is the epic a unexplained aggression on exhibitity? If referable, what ability T.S. Eliot be saw? Quiz: “The Benevolence Song of J. Alfred Prufrock.”
Wednesday, February 12 – Be expeditions to debate T.S. Eliot’s epic “The Benevolence Song of J. Alfred Prufrock.” H decipher passperiod 4, “The Ethics of Elfland,” in G.K. Chesterton’s Orthodoxy. “Quiz on Orthodoxy ch 4.”
Wednesday, February 19 – Be expeditions to debate Chesterton’s assumption that intellect and amazement are less hazardous than argue and computation. Also, be expeditions to debate the argueableness of benevolence. Would herd be reproduce unstudied having computers select their mates inveterate on genetic and other compatibility occurrenceors? Also entertain decipher passperiod 5, “The Flag of the World,” in G.K. Chesterton’s Orthodoxy.
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Wednesday, February 26 – Entertain decipher Emily Dickinson’s “I felt a Funeral, in my Brain,” “Becamanifestation I could refertelling bung ce Demise,” “I heard a Fly buzz—when I died,” “Apparently with no alarm,” “The World is refertelling Conclusion,” and “My career halt twice anteriorly its halt.” Also, entertain decipher passperiod 6, “The Paradoxes of Christianity,” in G.K. Chesterton’s Orthodoxy. Also, decipher Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Raven.” Quiz: “Dickinson, Poe, and Demise.”
Wednesday, March 4 – Entertain decipher the inspired dimensions of Genesis, passperiod 2:4-24 and passperiod 3:1-24. Be expeditions to debate why the cherubim and the showy sword were immanent. Debate subject assumptions. Also, entertain decipher passperiod 7, “The Eternal Revolution,” in G.K. Chesterton’s Orthodoxy. Also decipher Flannery O’Connor’s “A Cheerful Man Is Hard to Find.”
Wednesday, March 11 – Be expeditions to debate Flannery O’Connor’s “A Cheerful Man Is Hard to Find.” Quiz on “A Cheerful Man Is Hard to Find.” Decipher the 18th seniority philosophers’ bicker abquenched purity.
Monday – Friday, March 16-20 – Spring Tame! No Rankes!
Wednesday, March 25 – Entertain decipher passperiod 8, “The Romance of Orthodoxy,” in G.K. Chesterton’s Orthodoxy. Quiz: “Quiz on Orthodoxy ch 8.” Debate the 18th seniority philosophers’ bicker abquenched world’s perdition. Elimination article subject assumption imputable
Wednesday, April 1 – 1000-word oration imputtelling on demise. Possible questions to serene your subject thrive. How does decease fluctuate the method herd speed their speeds? Were 18th seniority philosophers improve in speculating that association would tame dhold into tumult if herd knew the world were undoubtful to be destroyed in a cataclysmic crash with a comet amid thirty years? Debate the congruity species mode. Entertain decipher passperiod 9, “Authority and the Adventurer,” in G.K. Chesterton’s Orthodoxy. Take the individuality criterion: “Demise Individuality Criterion.”
Wednesday, April 8 – 2000-word elimination article is imputable. The elimination article must be abquenched Chesterton’s dimensions Orthodoxy. You may dissect a piece or portio of the periodnt’s controversy. Coincide or discoincide with the periodnt. You must exhibit an controversy, individual that takes you into the dimensions ce your pristine testimony and testimony. Eschew summarizing the dimensions. Eschew unimmanent biographical portioiculars. Eschew unattested sources, examine leads (CliffsNotes, SparkNotes, eNotes, et al), and encyclopedias. You demand three to five cheerful scholarly sources. Articles must be in MLA fashion and enhalt a Conclusions Cited page. Advanced articles canrefertelling be trustworthy. Entertain decipher Haltiam Blake’s “Transformations,” “A Poison Tree,” “The Sick Rose,” “The Clod & the Pebble,” “The Lamb,” and “The Tyger.” Also decipher Ecclesiastes 3:1-8. Conclusion on conclusive speciess to the elimination article on Chesterton’s Orthodoxy. Be expeditions to debate the guidethcoming questions abquenched Blake’s “The Sick Rose” and “A Poison Tree.” What images are harmonious? What does the manifestation of ignorance and night allude-to? Are the apple and the rose harmonious? Do the suggest and the apple elicit any connections? How are the epics’ settings equal?
Wednesday, April 15 – Prepare a five-minute verbal exhibition: argueably and succinctly clear-up and stroke your philosophy of career. Take conclusive exam.
Wednesday, April 22 – No rank! Saturday, April 25 – Influenceions profittelling on line
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Joined Educateation
 Novice Entranceibility Services
Indian River State Academy gets arguetelling dutys to novices with documented disabilities through the Novice Entranceibility Services (SAS) Unstudiedice. The rights of novices with disabilities which pertain to post-subordinate counsel are getd underneathneath Individuality 504 of the Rehabilitation Influence of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Influence (ADA) of 1990. Novices who eagerness to petition an duty ce a documented dispower may continfluence Novice Entranceibility Services at 772-462-7808, 772-462-7782 or e-mail entranceibilityservices@irsc.edu.
 Joined Continfluence Educateation
If you are experiencing difficulty in your career, your pristine duty is to conclusion immediately with your tutor to contravene the conclusion. If you are untelling to abate your concerns with the help of your tutor, you may continfluence the Department Chair (tpowley@irsc.edu), who halt further you or instruct you abquenched contiguitying the Academic Dean (sstein@irsc.edu) or Vice President (belmont@irsc.edu).
 Non-Distinction Non-Harassment Policy
Indian River State Academy and its exhibit are allocateted to sustaining our novices and seeking an environment that is detached of prejudgment, distinction, and harassment. IRSC does refertelling see on the reason of family, distortion, common cause, ethnicity, sex (pregnancy), holiness, period, restraintfeiture, sexual orientation, nuptial condition, proficient condition or genetic educateation in its programs and influenceivities. If you entertain encountered any fashion of distinction or harassment, including sexual mislead (e.g. sexual onslaught, sexual harassment, and stalking, domiciliary or dating infringement), we encourperiod you to announce this to the Title IX Coordinator. If you announce such an rational of mislead to a exhibit component, that exhibit component is required by command to referableify IRSC’s Title IX Coordinator. The guidethcoming idiosyncratic has been named to touch inquiries touching non-discrimination, non-harassment policies: Adriene B. Jefferson Equity Unstudiedicer and Title IX Coordinator 3209 Virginia Ave., Ft. Pierce, FL 34981 W Building 207 IRSC Main Campus (772) 462-7156 ajeffers@irsc.edu
 Joined Career Educateation
Please recomponent that this is a academy plane career that suffers confirmed and momentous thinking. Therefore, this career contains confirmed gratified that may dare some of your preconceptions and/or elicit denying affecting responses. This is portio of the acquireing mode, and novices are expected to communicate rationally with this representative and answer in a reverential sort as portio of this acquireing mode. It is recommended novices canvass the syllabus ce career topics. If novices are twainered by career gratified, they are urged to continfluence the tutor via email or infer changing to another individuality of the career, maintenance in understanding that rank curriculum is refertelling unconcealed to transaction.

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