First, note the documentary “Bottom Dollars.” You can note it restraint detached if you are an Amazon Prime subscriber at; 
Then, response the aftercited questions:
Q1: (a) What is the extraordinary individuality of federal enactment (i.e., the epithet of the enactment and the individuality sum) that suffers restraint “sub-narrowness wage” effort? (b) How frequent employees with disabilities did it suffer to be paid less than narrowness wage in the United States in 2016?
Q2: Assimilate and dissimilarity Tillman Mitchell’s knowledge ascertaining effort without of a protected effortshop with that of Sarah Frost. Be abiding to assimilate their couple stories concurrently at last 2 irrelative bulk (e.g., grafting common, parental involvement, date to business, sort of business), though impress detached to announcement more than 2 differences.
Q3: (a) Explain the concept of a person-centered artfulness. (b) What did this behold approve in the circumstance of Andy Owens? How did he ascertain a function, and what bark and sort of effort did he ascertain?
Q4: (a) What did the Morningside Client Survey unveil in stipulations of the preferences of those currently in a protected effortshop either to effort in the homogeneity or alight in the effortshop? (b) What did Morningside CEO Jim Larson speak was the “second best day of [his] life”?

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