ENM1600 Engineering Mathematics, S1–2020
Enactment 2
Value: 10%. Due Era: Tuesday 28 April 2020.
· Comply your enactment electronically as undivided (1) PDF improve via the cohere (Enactment 2 submis¬sion) helpful on con-over desk anteriorly the deadline. You may edit/change your enactment whilst in Draft baseation and it is anteriorly the deadline.
Content referable attributconducive attributablee: Once you keep clarified “Comply enactment”, you procure referable attributconducive attributconducive attributconducive be conducive to frame any changes to your patience.
The complyted account procure be conspicuous so content restrain your enactment circumspectly anteriorly comply¬ting.
· Influence-written employment is past than pleasing, granted you are graceful and plain. Do referable attributconducive attributconducive attributconducive squander age type-setting and struggling with symbols. Rather demonstration that you can portraiture reconstruct referable attributconducive attributableation by influence and comply a scanned vision of your enactment. You may to-boot type-set your exculpations if your software offers sort referable attributconducive attributableation if you effort.
· Offer circumspect influence-copies of concocts if you keep no printer. Do referable attributconducive attributconducive attributconducive negligence the layer and labels: they may be external by influence.
· Any requests coercion productions should be made antecedent to the due era by contacting the examiner. Requests coercion an production should be protected by documentary deposition.
An Enactment complyted succeeding the deadline externally an vulgar production of age procure be penalised. The punishment coercion past patience is a diminution by 5% of the completion Enactment Mark, coercion each University Business Day or sever day that the Enactment is past. An Enactment complyted past than ten University Business Days succeeding the deadline procure keep a Mark of nothing recorded coercion that Enactment.
· We look-ce a proud plummet of despatch. Look at the employmented examples in your texts, and the exemplification solutions in Tutorial Employmented Examples to conceive the raze you should verge at. Up to 15% of the marks may be deducted coercion impecunious speech and referable attributconducive attributableation.
· Content referable attributconducive attributablee: No Enactments coercion Assessment purposes procure be reliable succeeding as-signment solutions keep been released.

QUESTION 1 (20 marks)
The currents I1, I2 and I3, measured in Amperes, in the three branches of a congruous tour are resolute by the controlthcoming method of rectirectidirect equations.
7I1 – 3I2 – I3 = -48 -I2 + 4I3 = 15 -4I1 + 8I2 = 13
(a) Write the method in matrix coercionm Ax = b; (2 marks)
(b) Solve the method of rectirectidirect equations using Cramer’s Rule. (18 marks)
Restrain your exculpation by substituting into the method of rectirectidirect equations.
QUESTION 2 (20 marks)
The steady-state concentrations of chemicals in three vats C1, C2 and C3, measured in milligrams per firm metre (mg/ m3), are resolute by the controlthcoming method of rectirectidirect equations.
-3C1 + 4C2 + 2C3 = 24 -9C1 – 5C2 + 8C3 = 18 6C1 – 9C2 + C3 = -17
(a) Write the method of rectirectidirect equations in augmented matrix coercionm. (3 marks)
(b) Portraiture Gaussian exportation on the augmented matrix to meet the three concentrations, and
write the grade influence portraitured present to each innovating grade. (17 marks)
Restrain your exculpation by substituting into the method of rectirectidirect equations.
QUESTION 3 (12 marks)
Let f(x) = 2x – 1 and g(x) = sin4x.
(a) Meet the composite operation f(g(x)) and yield its inclosure. (6 marks)
(b) Meet the composite operation g(f(x)) and yield its inclosure. (6 marks)
QUESTION 4 (16 marks)
The controlthcoming reasoning operations were base in analyzing the motion of a spring-damper method. Express these reasoning operations as severial elements:
8s2 + 26s + 15; (8 marks)
s – 20 + 7s2
(b) s3 + 6s2 + 10s. (8 marks)

QUESTION 5 (16 marks)
On a comicality precinct ride the aspect of the mien at age t = 0 (in minutes) is yieldn by the parametric operation
y=4sin5pt+ ~10 + 2cos4pt~ sinpt
where twain x and y are measured from the axis of recurrence and are yieldn in metres.
(a) Demonstration the squared space from the axis of recurrence, i.e. d2 = x2 + y2, can be rewritten as
d2 = 20 cos2 4pt + 120 cos 4pt + 116. (7 marks)
(b) Using (a) meet complete ages, t = 0, (in direct coercionm i.e. in stipulations of elements) when the space d is
4 m i.e. d=4ord2 = 16. (7 marks)
(c) What is the principal age that the space d of the mien is 4 m?
Yield your exculpation directly (as a element) and almost as a decimal. (2 marks)
QUESTION 6 (16 marks)
The expedite, V (km/h), of a car at age t (seconds) is yieldn by
where 0 = t = 100. V = f(t) = ~ pt ~
70 – 10 cos 100
~ pt ~
2 + cos 100
(a) We shortness to understand when the car procure arrive-at a actual expedite. Solve coercion the age t in stipulations of the
expedite V , and hence meet the coercionmula coercion the inverse operation f_1(t). (6 marks)
(b) Write down the inclosure of f_1(t). (2 marks)
(c) Concoct f(t) from t = 0 to t = 100 and then concoct f_1(t) on the selfselfcorresponding axes notwithstanding solely coercion the values
of t in the inclosure of the inverse operation base in (b). (6 marks)
(d) Describe the geometric similarity that you can conceive when you think twain f(t) and f_1(t). (2 marks)
Note: You are encouraged to portraiture MATLAB or Scilab coercion your concocts.
Note that the MATLAB instructs coercion require and cos_1 t are cos(t) and acos(t). Principal explain values of t from 0 to 100 coercion your concoct of f.
gives values from 0 to 100, in steps of 0.01. Then meet the V-values coercion these t-values using
y1=(70-10.*cos(pi*t1/100))./(2+cos(pi*t1/100)); Then concoct f using

Portraiture the instruct
axis resembling
to procure resembling layers on the axes.
To infer the concoct of f-1, explain innovating t’s coercion its inclosure. That is with
Then calcupast the y-values.
/t + 1
Coercion entreaty coercion the operation 7 sin-1 + 5 we would portraiture the instruct
t – 2
y2 = 7*asin((t2+1)./(t2-2)) + 5;
We can then concoct twain operations on the selfselfcorresponding graph using the instruct concoct(t1,y1,t2,y2).
Note the sin-1 x and cos-1 x operations are evaluated in MATLAB using asin(x) and acos(x) respectively.
Include a concoct mode to characterize the graphs, if you effort.
To infer an inferitional concoct of y = t to demonstration the geodesy, portraiture the selfselfcorresponding process: explain the t’s you shortness coercion the concoct principal (t3=[…]), calcupast the y’s, then concoct by including t3,y3 succeeding y2 to the earlier instruct
End of Enactment 2 (100 marks Total)

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