Enterprise Leadership 700252 Assessment task 3: PRESENTATION Paper

Enterprise Leadership 700252
Assessment task 3: PRESENTATION
This task is worth 15% of your total assessment for the unit
Due date: Week 9 tutorial class (within the first 10 minutes)
Length: 10-12 minutes each group
Submission: Typed, Printed- Hardcopy of the PPT / Prezi Slides, to be handed to your class tutor in the first 10 minutes of class. Cover sheet and marking guide to be attached to submission. Must be staple bonded.
A printout of the Job Analysis advert.
Visual / Verbal Group Presentation using PowerPoint and/ or Prezi slides. Additional visual
aid recommended (i.e. flyers, images, banners, personal presentation, etc..)
References: Minimum 2 academic references
Weighing: 15% of final mark
Component: Group
N.B. The criteria in the presentation marking guides form part of these instructions and must be complied with.
Choose a business model from the following list and prepare a presentation addressing ALL the below criteria;
Business 4: Retail Store. Liverpool Westfield Business 5: Car sales. Hume Hwy Lansvale Business 6: Online only.. Australia Wide.
Business 1: Construction. Blacktown CBD. Business 2: Web & Graphic Design, Sydney CBD Business 3: Cafe, Parramatta CBD
1- Describe your business concept/model.
2- Define the characteristics of your organisational structure (your purpose, the people you need and how many, and the deliberate structure – which should be at least 2 tiered.)
3- Explain how you would identify and select competent employees by;
i- Creating a ‘Job Analysis’ in order to advertise a position vacancy in your business.
ii- Applying the recruitment process explicitly.
4- Determine what kind of leadership style and power source you would use to lead your workforce into achieving organisational goals and success. Justify why.
5- Discuss the implications of Implications of Hershey/Blanchard’s situational leadership model relative to your business model and workforce.
6- Foresee / identify a problem that your business may encounter within the first year of operations. Using the decision-making process, comprehensively explain the considerations within each step, in order to guarantee a successful outcome.
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