Environmental Science

Question description

Your project should be creative and interesting, and should be a
minimum of 6 pages in length not to exceed 8 pages and you will use APA
style formatting. It should be well-organized and demonstrate an
orderly flow of information that clearly addresses the subject chosen.
You should incorporate the following elements in the project:
Problem identification: Clearly indicate the
issue (The environmental impact of trash in our oceans and The Great Pacific Trash Gyre) you will discuss and the influence this problem has on land, air,
water resources, plant life, animal life, and human societies. Discuss
the long-term effects this problem will continue to create without a
comprehensive solution. The problem can be of local, national, or global
scope.Solutions currently implemented: Discuss how
the issue has been addressed historically. Determine the courses of
action taken in science, technology, political and economic systems,
laws and regulations, community-based initiatives, education, and so
forth. Review the successes and limitations of these actions.Recommendations: Explain the actions that you
believe need to be developed and implemented to accomplish change.
Discuss your solution from multiple perspectives, such as educational,
legislative, scientific, technological, economic, and other points of
view.In addition you should cite at least three other credible
sources. Put these on your last page as works cited. You are cautioned
to check out internet sources. The web abounds with junk science that is
totally unreliable. Be sure to cross check your sources.