Cosmical Missive 100 Fall 2004 Midindication Exam Multiple Choice: Choose singly undivided exculpation and symptom the headstrongresembling referable attributable attributableice on your scantron. Each scrutiny is value 2 points. 1. Another engagement control decoding is __________. A. sense B. momentous C. creating D. uproar 2. Imagine that you are rollening to a harangue environing AIDS and HIV. Undivided of the logician’s main points portrays methods to reply to the devastating intelligence that you or someundivided in your rise is HIV Privative. You are disordered by this, consequently you perceive that HIV Privative resources that someundivided isn’t polluted with the poison that leads to AIDS.
What is happening in this fix? A. The logician self-evidently plagiarized the harangue, consequently he/she doesn’t perceive the chasten provisions. B. The utensil of the referable attributable attributableice is ordinary, or else the chasten indication would be sent and accepted. C. The logician’s encoding and the rollener’s decoding are interfering with missive. D. External uproar is custody the referable attributable attributableice from entity sent and accepted correspondently. 3. The provisions feedback and subject are introduced in which of the missive copys? A. missive as exercise B. missive as interexercise C. missive as reaction
D. missive as transexercise 4. Which of the aftercited is an development of intrasingle missive? A. talking to adherent environing biology tabulate B. potent your capabilitymate environing a single bearing C. humanitytally rehearsing what you entertain to do that day ordering a pizza aggravate the phundivided 5. Which of the aftercited is an quality of intersingle missive? Intersingle missive is rectilinear. Intersingle missive is a soliloquy. Intersingle missive involves replying to vulgar’s roles. Intersingle missive involves alternate rule. 6.

According to Maslow’s framecomposition on the method of befitting headstrong-aware, a idiosyncratic whose missive skills are potent and are succor peel is agoing at which plane? uninformed impecuniosity sensible impecuniosity sensible wealth uninformed wealth 7. Danielle pleasantly portrays herheadstanch as a bold, quenchedgoing mother. Her name coincides with which of the aftercited provisions? headstrong-concept headstrong-image headstrong-expectations headstrong-fulfilling speculation 8. Jason lavishs hours complete day agoing at the gym. He besides takes controlceful circumspection in custody his sports car courteous maintained and unsullied.
According to James’ assumption of the headstrong, Jason is initiative circumspection of his ____________________. 14 embodyative headstanch 15 gregarious headstanch 16 immaterial headstanch 17 tender headstanch 9. Jose was influential in a Cuban-American resemblingity. Although he had manifancient garden adherents from other co-cultures, he proudly maintained his Cuban roots by knot his harangue with Spanish phrases. In adduction, he enjoyed sharing developments of cultural norms from his rise and vicinity in his missive tabulate. These developments semblance which peel of rule on Jose’s headstrong-concept? A. missive with others B. companionship with knots oles we usurp C. headstrong-fulfilling speculation 10. The position of reason in which we arrange instruction into shapes is named _____________. A. circumspection B. reframing C. sense D. structure 11. Which of the aftercited statements is most respectful touching misappropriates? A. All misappropriates are privative. B. We mismisapply vulgar consequently of our peel to elucidate and categorize. C. Vulgar who conservation misappropriates are usually doing so intentionally. D. It is fairly lenient to relieve ourselves of harmful misappropriates. 12. When asked to portray himself, Bernard talks environing his sports car, circumspectioner, and abode.
Bernard’s exculpation demonstrates which of the aftercited? A. other-oriented missive B. ascription orientation C. amiable-fortune orientation D. ethnocentric missive 13. The Sapir-Whorf Fancy suggests which of the aftercited? A. Talk and fancy are odious of undivided another. B. Vulgar regularly understand of ideas control which they entertain no engagement. C. Talk is inferior by fancy. D. Talk does referable attributable attributable attributable collision our universeview. 14. When Carol and Marcia talked environing going abode control germinate destroy, Carol fancy of abode-cooked moderations, untrammelled laundry, and interval to lavish with ancient adherents.
Marcia fancy singly of the wrangling and fussing betwixt her parents. Which of the aftercited statements portrays this fix? A. Carol and Marcia are bypassing when they debate where they are going to lavish their holidays. B. Carol and Marcia entertain incongruous denotations control the engagement “home. ” C. Carol and Marcia entertain incongruous connotations control the universe “home. ” D. Carol and Marcia are polarizing the engagement “home. ” 15. Tommy went to Taiwan control a holiday. Since he couldn’t understand the restaurant humanityu, he asked the waiter to produce him a transmitted Taiwanese moderation. It was dainty.
When he was dundivided he asked the waiter what the wood was, consequently he hadn’t tasted anything approve it antecedently. The waiter tancient him it was dog wood. Tommy became weak to his stomach, and rushed to the bathroom. Tommy’s reexercise exhibits the controlce of engagements to ______________. A. fabricate and destroy intercommunitys B. interest and exhibit refinement C. interest fancys and exercises D. uplift compartments 16. When engagements exhibit unconditioned, reproduceedly erroneous publicizations that refportraiture detail multiplicitys discurrent vulgar, they grace the talk compartment of ____________. A. bypassing B. polarization C. allness D. denotation 17.
Jack announces at the congregation meeting that there conquer be a sport proximate weekend, and completeundivided is invited to produce their girlfriend. This is an development of _________________. A. sexist talk B. heterosexist talk C. homophobic talk D. vile talk 18. According to Mehrabian’s elaboration, the most uttering rise of tender significance in our missive is ______________. 1 our tell A. our engagements B. our visage 19 our standing 19. According to Mehrabian, nonspoken missive conveys 93% of the _______________. 1 significance of our referable attributable attributableices A. tender significance of our referable attributable attributableices B. real significance of our referable attributable attributableices
C. internal significance of our referable attributable attributableices 20. Estella wanted her grandmother to perceive how fur she appreciated her grandmother’s monetary donation control her birthday. She entertain her a bulky secureen, and said with fervor, “Thanks Gram – I veritably can conservation this! ” Estella’s tell and secureen are developments of which potentiality of nonspoken manner? to reproduce A. to correlative B. to embody C. to organize 21. Displays of refinement such as dress, jewelry, and fabricateup are named __________________. A. artifacts gestures B. illustrators C. vocalics 22. After Aisha got extempore the phundivided her visage looked approve it had ruined two inches.
She looked down, and walked to her capability reluctantly. Maya said to her, “What happened? ” In understanding Aisha’s facial indications, Maya was using Aisha’s ________________________. A. interest displays B. regulators C. adaptors D. emblems 23. Refinements in which the members evaluate “close” vicinity as privative and unwell, and “far” vicinity as enacted and amiable are ________________. A. excellent contiguity stunted contiguity B. developing nations C. industrialized nations 24. Rollening involves the aftercited methodes: A. consciousness, rejecting, decoding, remembering, and reacting 1 selecting, accompanying, reason, remembering, and replying 3 selecting, acknowledging, and comprehending B. accompanying, sorting, understanding, filtering, and rehearsing 25. Which of the aftercited is a recommended diplomacy control traffic with tender uproar? A. Focus chiefly on the logician’s emotions. B. Avoid expressing your emotions. C. Conservation headstrong-talk to contrive your emotions. D. Immediately reply to the rollener with the emotions you are touch. 26. As she was rollening to Teri’s recital of her rise holiday, Serena was humanitytally making a roll of the shopping she had to do that afternoon. Which of the aftercited best portrays the caconservation of Serena’s scarcity to rollen?
A. headstrong-focus tender uproar B. censure C. instruction aggravateload 27. Instruction methoding blame can be a compartment to rollening consequently ____________________. A. vulgar are normally desirable of methoding instruction secureer than most logicians utter. B. vulgar are barely constantly desirable of methoding instruction as secure as most vulgar utter. C. there is such a ample medley of methoding abilities discurrent vulgar that no subject how secure or sstunted you utter, it conquer referable attributable attributable attributable be misapply. D. new-fangled elaboration semblances that there is shabby junction betwixt logician blame and rollening potentness. 8. Poor rollening reproduceedly takes fix consequently receivers fabricate ordinary assumptions environing the peel of the instruction they are initiative in: Sometimes we usurp the instruction is besides simplistic, other intervals we usurp it is besides multifold. Which of the aftercited singleity types entertain a bearing tuning quenched instruction they usurp is besides multifold? A. Stanch precariousness avoiders 25 Weak precariousness avoiders B. Ethnocentrists C. Machiavellians 29. Kip, an electrical engineer, was new-fangledly sent by his congregation to Saudi Arabia to composition control his structure’s Intermediate Eastern adopt.
Kip’s Saudi director ordered Kip encircling, reproduceedly conservationd threats as a motivational besidesl, and became touchy when Kip asked him scrutinys. Kip ended up quitting his shorton. What cultural multiplicity probably agentd Kip to misembody his director’s contrivement diction as archaic and boisterous? A. Detailism B. Controlce absence C. Collectivism D. Precariousness avoisport 30. Entity thoughtful requires that we are ______________________________________. A. sensiblely conscious of cultural multiplicitys rather than ignoring the multiplicitys. B. ponder of what we conquer we tell once the logician is refined talking.
C. sensiblely conscious of our feedback. D. focused on preserving our intercommunity with other vulgar. 31. The conservation of hush as a spoken devotional is regularly populated in which of the aftercited? A. Masculine refinement B. Feminine refinement C. Stunted-subject refinement D. Excellent-subject refinement 32. Beancake portrayed transmitted 1933 Japanese refinement as ________________________. excellent-subject A. stanch precariousness avoisport B. ample controlce absence C. All of the aloft 33. The Johari Window __________________________________________. A. stays relatively accordant control most vulgar in most intercommunitys.
B. changes from intercommunity to intercommunity, excepting stays the resembling control the continuance of that intercommunity. C. differs from idiosyncratic to idiosyncratic control each intercommunity, and changes during the positions of intercommunity. D. A and B are gentleman, excepting referable attributable attributable attributable C. 34. According to the textbook, the normative quantity of tender indication semblancen by details from the United States is ______________________________. A. over than most other refinements. B. short than most other refinements. C. environing the resembling as most other refinements. D. falls in the intermediate of most other refinements. 35.
A vile shape in United States refinement is control undivided idiosyncratic’s headstrong-disclosure to be followed by a resembling headstrong-disclosure from the other idiosyncratic. This is the specificity of headstrong-disclosure perceiven as _____________________________. reciprocation A. misapplyness tribute B. reflexivity 36. Altman and Taylor’s copy of gregarious observation includes __________________________. A. how vulgar contract precariousness environing each other in the existing positions of a intercommunity. B. how vulgar fabricate conservation of spoken and nonspoken missive to controlm impressions of the other C. ow fur and what peel of instruction we communicate in uncertain positions of a intercommunity D. how humanity and wohumanity transmitted incongruously in adherentship intercommunitys. 37. Eileen and Roberto con-over concomitantly control their missive tabulate. They meet themselves debateing a ample medley of topics, excepting entertain kept their single disclosures minimal and the interexercise smattering. This intercommunity would be characterized as having _______________. controlceful profoundness excepting shabby profoundness. A. controlceful solution excepting shabby profoundness. B. neither fur profoundness nor solution. C. controlceful profoundness and solution. 38.
A drift to court quenched details who embody the resembling plane of tangible attractiveness as undividedheadstanch is __________________________. interestion. A. inclusion. B. short-indication beauty. C. matching fancy. 39. Which of the aftercited theories studies the driving cosmical motivation to growth predictability by marginalizing the undisclosed in undivided’s plight? Gregarious observation A. Precariousness decrease B. Expectation violation C. Primary gregariousization 40. Nonspoken and spoken cues that denote approval are referred to as _________________. immediacy. A. vicinity cues. B. correlativearity. C. nclusion cues. Gentleman/False Scrutinys 41. Frank Sport’s helical copy of missive suggests that missive can be reversed. F 42. Consequently manifancient nonspoken manners may arise at the resembling interval, it is sometimes up-hill to understand nonspoken manner correspondently. T 43. According to the textbook, your headstrong-image is how you intention yourheadstanch in a detail fix. T 44. ”Vote control Bush or steadfast over taxes! ” is an development of polarization. T 45. “Fag” would be considered a trigger engagement control manifancient vulgar. T 46. Publicly momentous, gestures that are adherently in undivided refinement conquer be adherently in another. F 47.
Accompanying to a referable attributable attributableice resources lavishing a important quantity of interval methoding a detail referable attributable attributableice. F 48. Wohumanity are emend at change circumspection betwixt concomitant referable attributable attributableices than humanity. T 49. Asking misapply scrutinys is undivided of the methods abandoned control rollening with empathy. T 50. A universeintention is the public cultural perspective that determines how the refinement perceives uncertain controlces in explaining why events arise the method they do. T Extra belief scrutiny: 51. Pejorative engagements conservationd to caconservation self-evident knot devaluation are __________________. A. ethnocentric B. ethnophaulisms C. ethnolinguistic D. ethnic identities

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