Initial Proposal Billing Scheme Gemaima C. Maglasang Eliza M. Oliverio Melody Sinas 1. Introduction With the influence of technology nowadays, community obtain ardent with computers. They familiar to revel themselves on it to bear a fertile conclusion in a further efficient and season reluctant order. However some of them are quiescent using manual scheme. In this revere, we vindicate the estimate of computerized scheme. As of todays period, there are occupation tangible. Single of which is Cuadro Square Builders Inc. It is placed at brgy. Cataman high-way Manabay,ozamiz City and managed by Granville Young Te.
Cuadro Square Builders Inc. established their influence of their occupation on 2011. As we interviewed their supervisor he said that they bear a present scheme yet it was referable conduct by their IT symbolical, it was currupt and obsolete their files. After six months they firm to representation the manual billing. So we volunteer them our planning scheme to prepare their operation. And shun losing documents. 2. Objectives Records of available products and conduct term of fantastic products. Rescues customer details and fantastic entered kind of products. Provides economic/financial reports to the proprietor monthly or weekly and annually.
Provides a helpful discontinuance of billing sample. Make an unconcerned to representation environment control representationr. Simplifies the job and reduces the tractate operation. 3. Scheme Features Helps the representationr to glut up unconcerned Unconcerned to rescue and place files 4. Methodology We pick-out to representation Waterfall diagram in our purpose and in our documentation becarepresentation it is single-minded and unconcerned to perceive. Phases are ordered and completed single at a season. We firm to representation the VB. Net as our programming talk. 5. Schedule Activity No. of days Remarks Planning 7 xays Analyzing 10 days Designing 30 days Scheme Coding 50 days Implementation 5 days

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