Content defense the subjoined Discussion Question. Content be assured to defense the three questions on this week DQ and to afford a well-developed and total defense to entertain security. Also, content secure to accept recognize the assigned chapters restraint the running week. 

Case Study, Chapter 10, Mandatory Narrowness Staffing Narrations 

A encourage director is accompanying a openly-knconfess synod and is accompanying a conrunning assemblage on staffing narrations. Narrowness staffing narrations are entity discussed in the encourage director’s confess specify. The encourage director has a sum of questions encircling staffing narrations that the assemblage is covering. The encourage director knows that testimony exists that increasing the sum of RNs in the staffing amalgamate leads to safer toilplaces restraint encourages and higher character of concern restraint patients.

1. What are the three open approaches recommended by the American Encourages Association (2017) to conduct satisfactory staffing?

2. Summarize the findings that are frequently cited as the seminal toil in prop of establishing narrowness staffing narration synod at the federal or specify equalize.

3. Analyze what proponents and critics speak encircling whether mandatory narrowness staffing narrations are needed.

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