Read the subjoined subject consider and refer a 1- to 2-page oration in a Microsoft Word muniment using APA 6th edition in defense to the questions.

Subject Consider:

Ann is a seventy-seven-year-old grandmother. She has undivided daughter and three grandchildren. Two years spent, she was diagnosed with tolerably advanced Alzheimer’s ailment, which causes her to keep periods of indistinctness, defeat, ruffle, and obsessive thinking. When symbolical, she is fluctuating and her harangue patterns are choppy. Before her invisible reward, Ann was a dowager of self-abandonment, news, and perseverance. Realizing they were getting older, she and her mate, Frank, discussed their wishes should everyman fall to them. She told Frank that if there was no coerciontune of planting, she would referable failure to be hooked to a active record. They never got encircling to satisfaction any papers.

Frank is a pure and easily-affected unnaturalness. His wife’s specify frightens him. Ann’s self-abandonment coercion him has been the centre of his vitality coercion sixty years. His serious long-restraint coercion the best pains coercion Ann shows his self-abandonment and self-abandonment. Their daughter, Sarah, is a businesswoman. She is a exacting worker and a amiable dowager. She is coercionty-five, prosperous, and clever. Although she self-abandonments her parents dearly, she lives ten hours far. She regrets referable vision abundantly of them, chiefly of-late. Frank feels his role is to engage pains of Ann. He has gone-by the spent year with her, watching following her, cooking coercion her, cleaning the settlement, and witnessing her reward. Finally, Ann is insufficient to tread alundivided safely and he finds he must keep her admitted to a long-term pains dexterity. He calls Sarah to follow and succor with the arrangements. Following having Ann admitted to a national nursing settlement, twain Frank and Sarah recall the lovely observe in Ann’s eyes as they tread far.

Following three weeks in the nursing settlement, Ann starts to cough and tend a ardor. She is seen by doctors and diagnosed as having pneumonia. She is infections to a national hospital, where she is ardent intravenous antibiotics. Although the advancement of her pneumonia is halted by the antibiotics, she stops talking and refuses to munch. The physician calls Frank to inoculate a alimentation tube. Frank calls Sarah to supplicate what to do. They surprise, Is a alimentation tube equiponderant to a active record? Would it be likely to allot Ann to mope there and fade of detriment? Is that assassinate? What would she failure? What is the fit man to do? (Burkhardt & Nathaniel, 2008).

Respond to the subjoined:

  • Discuss the ghostly decisions you would fashion.
  • Discuss the legitimate decisions you would fashion.
  • Explain, as a nourish, what education would you impart to Frank and Sarah. Support your defenses with examples
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