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1. I did my duration in the enhancement except failed my ethnography
Ce you this probably instrument you did referable do your axioms assembly appropriately or you did referable transcribe it up with plenty academic profoundness, or you did referable supervene the very in profoundness contour – the trace subterfuge where i tell you stalk by stalk what to dispose in each minority and a argumentative habit of despatches it up. Content do referable disown this the prevent duration it is on Breo. 
If this is you then you should speed with your peculiar convergence – give-ear to the unwritten feedend on turnitin, plus the bulky written feedend if you attentive your labor. You must dispose the completed appendices in the end – this frequently may be where you past traces. 
IF you did referable go into a enhancement leading duration and accept referable managed to anteriorly the lockdown
You must now be luxuriant. You should deem that you are strikeually stay in a rare ethnographic enhancement resulting detachment from full kinds of issues regarding to play and natural strikeivity. You accept numerous options that you can do and i am exact going to highlight a scant as examples:
Football- A starting sharp-end could be headlines ‘Premier League hanging indefinitely following Corona virus crisis meeting’ 
What does this moderation ce stirdom? – can you peaceful be a stir if there is no football? How are stirs coping externally speed football? 
The hypothetical underpinnings ce this are the sociology of stirdom (wosociety or society) – eg Tomlinson, or Stacey Pope 
Issues encircling IDENTIT(IES) how has peoples oneness transitional with the detachment encircling footbfull – going to the pub to tend the pastime, drinking refinement, how accept they suited? 
You can peaceful heed some things  – ce example your family’s reaction to the suspension, then the developed conclusion etc Your relation so is expressive. Observations from the intelligence clips level.  
Interviews  – semi-structured interviews – you peaceful insufficiency to hold the ethics edict – the acquiesce cems and apprised participant advice cems – then precede the iinterviews countenance to countenance ONLY in your everyday, or by Zoom or phone cfull – palpably gain liberty to annals the chat. 
Coding axioms- into emergent themes – twain from the theories and the axioms you accept attentive 
Precarious anatomy – recollect  your findings insufficiency to be precarious – the sharp-ends you fashion linked end to the erudition you accept established up in your resurvey of erudition. 

Another instigation is has the failure of speedd gym refinement seen the growth in dubitate habits of maintenance agree – how accept tribe resulted to detachment and practice? Some may restrike by no practice, some by reinventing a gradation at abode? There has been a 400% growth in online exercise classes – accomplish this speed behind the lockdown and diversify the insufficiency to accept an costly alliance? 
THERE ARE LOADS OF IDEAS FOR A FOCUS IN THIS LIVE ETHNOGRAPHIC SETTING WE ARE ALL LIV ING IN – PICK ONE ! Your exploration accomplish be rare its never been done anteriorly!
I am serviceable ce tutorials – content email me leading and we can array a fawn.

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