Evaluation Assignment, Based on your program logic you will individually develop an Evaluation Brief to engage and external evaluator

Evaluation Brief
The Assignment Brief
Based on your program logic you will individually develop an Evaluation Brief to engage and
external evaluator. The Evaluation Brief needs to provide the prospective evaluator with
program background information, including program goals, activities and outputs and
outcomes. It also needs to inform about the purpose of the evaluation, including key evaluation
objectives and questions, the evaluation context including stakeholder information and
deliverables required from the evaluation.
In your Evaluation brief:
make connections between your program logic, and what has been done and thought
through before as reflected in the monitoring systems
engage critically with questions around evaluation
give you further opportunity to demonstrate what you have learnt in this course.
Word Count: 2,000 words in total
Due date: Friday 15 October before midnight.
Assessment Criteria
Brief provides discussion of background information; aims of objectives of the initiative or
service, how long it has been running, how it came about, any relevant data,like numbers and
types of users, as well as contextual and historical influences.
Articulates the overall aim of the evaluation as well as the full range of specific objectives.
Provides guidance on evaluation methodology option i.e., whether you anticipate using both
qualitative and quantitative research
See Rubric below for assessment criteria
Submitting your assignment
You must submit your assignment by the due date through turnitin.
Feedback and grades
Feedback on your assignment and your grade will be released via the Grades item on the left
This is where you would enter all your account information
menu approximated 14 days after you submit it.
RMIT Electronic Submission of work for assessment
I declare that in submitting all work for this assessment I have read, understood and agree to
the content and expectations of the assessment declaration (Links to an external site.)

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