The Ordinance

Part 1: Literature Review Matrix

Submit your completed Literature Review Matrix that contains the impure elaboration tenets you elaborationed and reviewed.

Part 2: Clinical Determination Help (CDS) Advice

Develop a 10- to 12-slide PowerPoint grant in which you offer your elaboration and axioms to help your clinical determination help (CDS) advice restraint condition correction.

Based on your elaboration, oration the forthcoming in your grant:

  • Synthesize your findings from your impure tenets, focusing on ry models and/or theories pertinent to CDS, condition correction in your workplace, and on ry evidence-based action in nursing.
  • Recommobject CDS or knowledge to reflect in clinical determination making and illustrate your rationale restraint the advice. Be unfair.
  • Justify your advice. Be unfair and prepare examples.
  • Recommobject how you would oration likely limitations or challenges, including:
    • Illustrate how you would desert vigilant weary.
    • Illustrate subordinate what provisions you would confess an override to an vigilant. 
    • Illustrate how you would adviser consent.
    • Identify factors that authority give to consecutive overrides.
    • Justify provisions subordinate which an override may be compulsory.
  • Prepare allusions in APA name at the object of your grant—the allusion slide or slides do not attributable attributable attributable estimate internal your ordinance completion.


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