Callista Roy and Betty Neuman’s theories estimate the peculiar (individual, knot, or aggregation) as a holistic adaptive order that constantly interacts with the inside and manifest environments. Both theories estimate the peculiar as being the feeling of nursing and exhibit health/wellness and distemper as size of the similar continuum, eventually there are some clew boldnesss that are opposed. As such, prime single of the theories and establish 1 boldness of the supposition and debate how the solicitude rendered coercion this enduring by an delayed usage foster would be structured (assessment, peculiarity, planning, intercession, evaluation) according to the supposition. Give 2 restricted examples of intercessions that you forestall accomplish be middle in the enduring’s solicitude. 

Mr. Reynolds is a 32 year-old virile enduring hospitalized on the orthopedic individual of the hospital. He is status-post motorcycle surroundings and fit leg adown the knee pollarding. He has a narrative of Depression and Schizophrenia. He is currently separated from his helpmeet and averse from his rise. He is expectation collective exertion coercion reconsignment in a rehabilitation quickness, where he accomplish remain his reinstatement. 

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