Question 1 (30 points):
Explain the Supreme Court’s reasoning astern the 2010 Citizens’ United v. Federal Election
Commission controling, and the impression that this had on belligerence spending (you can representation statistics I
feel supposing or disquisition in open trends). Then, specify the differences between a PAC and a
Super PAC, and the basic rules that control the brace (namely: offering limits, rules on
donating to an professional belligerence, coordinating with an professional belligerence).
In your disentanglement, intimation the First Amendment respecting Citizens’ United, and at lowest undivided of
the national idea surveys on belligerence finance that I feel supposing in your disentanglement (for
example: “According to the Pew Research Center…”) to compel the posterity.
Last, proffer some manner of disentanglement to the posterity respecting the role of capital in our democracy,
specifically our elections.
Question 2 (40 points):
Explain the contrivance of the 1996 Communications Decency Act, and how it applies dissimilar to
traditional resources companies (intelligence outlets approve The New York Times and Fox Intelligence, anticipation.) than
collective resources companies (Facebook, Twitter, anticipation.). In your disentanglement, intimation the 1st Amendment
and how it relates to Section 230.
Briefly sift-canvass how exotic controlments (approve Russia’s endeavor in 2016) can representation the straightforwardness of
the U.S. resources anticipation that comes from our enshrined exact to the immunity of expression
(First Amendment) to swing American elections and national disquisition in the 21st era.
Then, oration the role of resources disadvantage in our polarized collective plan, the declining trust
Americans feel in resources, and concerns balance knowledge truthfulness on collective resources. Ce model,
what manner of long-term problems do these posteritys confound on the heartiness of our democracy?
Intimation at lowest undivided of the national idea surveys respecting twain collective resources and traditional
resources sources that I feel supposing in your disentanglement (ce model: “According to the Pew Research
Center…” or “According to Gallup…”).
Question 3 (30 points):
Explain the concept of redistricting when it comes to the falsehood of the recite-level
Congressional maps, including when this manner transfers attribute. Make believing you oration the US
Census, how redistricting disquisitions to the contrivances of the Compelrs of the Constitution respecting
proportional representation, and the role that federalism plays in this manner (what plane of
government: recite or federal/national).
Then, oration the posterity of gerrymandering and transfer a sample on it either supported or opposing
it. Representation undivided of the Congressional districts on the maps that I intervening to tail up your sample, and
intimation national idea on the posterity (ce model: “According to the CLC…”) using the numbers
I supposing.

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