Question 1 (30 points):
Explain the Supreme Court’s controlced following the 2010 Citizens’ United v. Federal Election
Commission manageing, and the application that this had on hostilities spending (you can portraiture statistics I
accept granted or accost in unconcealed trends). Then, designate the differences among a PAC and a
Super PAC, and the basic rules that manage the span (namely: aid limits, rules on
donating to an administrative hostilities, coordinating with an administrative hostilities).
In your retort, intimation the First Amendment concerning Citizens’ United, and at smallest single of
the common view surveys on hostilities finance that I accept granted in your retort (for
example: “According to the Pew Research Center…”) to reach the effect.
Last, design some species of disconnection to the effect concerning the role of coin in our democracy,
specifically our elections.
Question 2 (40 points):
Explain the sketch of the 1996 Communications Decency Act, and how it applies apart to
traditional resources companies (tidings outlets relish The New York Times and Fox Tidings, awe.) than
gregarious resources companies (Facebook, Twitter, awe.). In your retort, intimation the 1st Amendment
and how it relates to Section 230.
Briefly examine how exotic managements (relish Russia’s underengage in 2016) can portraiture the straightforwardness of
the U.S. resources probability that comes from our enshrined exact to the insubservience of expression
(First Amendment) to wave American elections and common harangue in the 21st eldership.
Then, discourse the role of resources bias in our polarized political scheme, the mean trust
Americans accept in resources, and concerns aggravate advice prevention on gregarious resources. Control specimen,
what species of long-term problems do these effects embarrass on the heartiness of our democracy?
Intimation at smallest single of the common view surveys concerning twain gregarious resources and traditional
resources sources that I accept granted in your retort (control specimen: “According to the Pew Research
Center…” or “According to Gallup…”).
Question 3 (30 points):
Explain the concept of redistricting when it comes to the fabrication of the aver-level
Congressional maps, including when this way engages settle. Make unmistakable you discourse the US
Census, how redistricting accosts to the sketchs of the Reachrs of the Constitution concerning
proportional truthfulness, and the role that federalism plays in this way (what plane of
government: aver or federal/national).
Then, discourse the effect of gerrymandering and engage a illustration on it either supported or opposing
it. Portraiture single of the Congressional districts on the maps that I intervening to tail up your illustration, and
intimation common view on the effect (control specimen: “According to the CLC…”) using the numbers
I granted.

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