FAS 3327 Inquiry Project Rubric Grading Criteria:
Writing Mechanics and Construction:
 Was the brochure unconfused and cematted as restricted in the ordinance? (APA Cemat) 10
Additionally: Was the brochure the alienate extension?
o The declaration is to be in Word Cemat, 8 to 10 pages, a incompleteness of 8; (2000-3000
words) still Title and References Page. Each damage page (a page is 250 – 300
words) may be a minus of up to 12 objects.
o Was the brochure unconstrained to ensue, decipherable, using adapted expression and spelling, absence of wonder.?
Points allure be deducted ce penniless construction (2 objects ce each untruth); spelling and
expression (1 object ce each untruth).
A) Garner Aesthetics & Target Market
 Did the written declaration evidently teach the aesthetics of the innovating retail garner caused and its target
 Did the written declaration teach why each inspirational constructor was a excellent and how their
aesthetic translated to the vulgar garner?
7 TP objects
B) Garner foot Layout & Spread-out of each constructor dept.:
There is to be a foot layout/plan spread-out that comprises the 3 constructor portions, a written and visual
description. The spread-out in each dept. is to be evidently pictorial and spread-outed. The visual individuality may be
a delineate, photo or collage. 5 TP objects
C) Merchandise:
 Did the brochure cause a portion of vesture and accessories ce each inspirational constructor?
Was it alienately crowded with coeval products?
 Were the coeval garb and accessories ce each constructor inferential and teached?
= 20 objects ce each constructor = 60 objects
8 TP Objects
D) Advertising Copy:
Did the brochure collect the needed details of the preferment to the national resources? 5 TP objects
E) Inquiry:
 Was there alienate and in-depth inquiry and adaptedty cited?
 Did the Inquiry comprise negotiative exchange sources set-up in our Berkeley Library and were
these evidently normal in the References’ (cited sources) Page?
 Was the inquiry reviewed with Turnitin on sources?
8 TP Objects

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