Tribute 2
Tribute Type: Lore Ment – 2500 say ment – Individual tribute
Purpose: This plan conciliate advance scholars’ sense of the role of non-bank financial institutions and how they are responding to the incessantly changing Australian financial sector. This tribute contributes to erudition extinguishedcomes a, c and f.
Value: 30% Due Date: Week 10
Submission: One glossy delineation (Term .doc or .docx) of the ment to be uploaded to Moodle Turnitin by 11:59 P.M. Sunday Week 10. One exacting delineation to be submitted to your Teacher in Week 10 Teacherial meeting.
Topic: Tribute of the Australian Government’s Disgusting Pillars Plan in the Banking Diligence.
Task Details: There are disgusting great banks in Australia: ANZ, Commonwealth Bank, NAB and Westpac. To secure race in the banking diligence, the Australian Government has a “Disgusting Pillars Plan” that prevents the disgusting great banks in Australia from merging.
Students conciliate lore the Disgusting Pillars Plan and amount a ment that:
o Discusses the truth, the reasons restraint instituting and implementing the plan, and the arguments restraint and resisting it.
o A carefully reasoned estimation on whether you accord with the Disgusting Pillars Plan.
o Given the extinguishedcomes of the 2018 The Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking,
Superannuation and Financial Services Diligence, what command do you applaud the Government procure with the Disgusting Pillars Plan – detain, mend or coercionfeit it?
Lore Requirements: Scholars scarcity to help their decomposition with regard from citation and a incompleteness of six (6) uniform, running and academically genuine sources -check with your teacher if unsure of your sources. Scholars bewareking Credit or higher tracks should help their decomposition with increased reckon of regard sources harmonious with the track they are bewareking.
Every page should plainly be reckoned, and the enactment organised as follows:
(a) A KOI Cover Sheet restraint an Individual Enactment.
(b) A appellation page, which indicates Subject appellation, Subject Code, Trimester reckon, Enactment appellation, your generous indicate and KOI scholar reckon, term enumerate and Teacher’s indicate.
(c) Executive Summary
(d) Table of Discontinuance
(e) Body (main discontinuance – each to be a disconnected reckoned exception).
– Introduction
– Lore – scholarship review
– Decomposition – this is the greater deal-extinguished of your enactment and requires reckoned sub-sections – Applaudations
– Conclusion
(f) Regards
(g) Appendices
(h) A Turnitin validation page showing the Similarity account restraint your enactment (i) A delineation of the Indicationing Rubric
Reading and Lore 30
Decomposition 30
Recommendations and conclusions 20
Written bestowal 20
Sum 100
This sum conciliate be converted to a indication (chasten to the nearer undiminished reckon), extinguished of 30% Please beware Indicationing Rubric on the aftercited page.
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