Final Paper Option 1 Students Under Pressure: Causes and Effects

Io Fat Chan
Final Paper
Option 1
Students Under Pressure: Causes and Effects
Student suicide has become common nowadays, for approximately 1,100 undergraduates commit suicide each year. How come studying threatens students’ life when it supposes to be fun and joy? After joining school at the high school level, students are bound to feel pressure until the college level. They are being highly competitive and concentrative on getting good grades, and sometimes they have to set aside other extracurricular activities in their life and study extra hard for a better result. Therefore, besides cheating, there are a couple of reasons and consequences of the pressure faced by contemporary students.
Students may feel stressed caused by their parents, teachers, and peers. There are no parents or teachers who don’t love their children, but their expectation of perfection has become a burden to the children. Moreover, some parents would like to compare their kids’ achievements with others. Indeed, children’s self-esteem gets hurt when they are being compared even though their parents don’t aim to. However, they will compete with classmates in school anyways, so these unnecessary behaviors by parents seem to worsen the already intense situation. According to Kahaari Kenyatta, once served as an Orientation Counselor explains that no person would love to struggle as other people enjoy their lives. Not only can that expectation batter students’ self-confidence, it also limits what they are willing to try.
Also, students concern about their future when a better career is most likely based on their grades, achievements in school. In fact, it’s ironic that students are trying their best to get in a well-known university such as Ivy League schools, but their purpose seems rather to find a better job easier after graduate than to acquire knowledge in top schools. In the past 10 years, there was always some news showed that even PhD graduates had a hard time finding a job. To keep pace with a rapidly evolving and increasingly demanding global marketplace, students are required to graduate from higher educational schools to meet the qualifications.
Furthermore, students may have financial problem or physical or psychological limitation. Most students would apply for a financial aid or scholarships due to poor family background. Others who have a disability or limitation may also need the money because expensive treatment cost exhausts their wallet, and they have to spend extra time every week for body-check during school days. They all need to work harder on studying to overcome their physical or psychological disadvantages. Under an intense pressure, they feel more stressful than other students; this fact may cause them develop depression. In most cases, students had significant difficulty and committed suicide due to depression.
As a result of overwhelming studying, students’ health will get the irreparable harm from fatigue. Students may have health problem after graduate from school. It’s not just the immediate harm; it is something that lasts a lifetime. For example, students that often stay up until morning to study will damage their liver. Suffering from acute live failure has an adverse health effect that is the damaging of the liver cells ( Also, most students would put all their homework together so that they can efficiently finish at once, and this behavior is known as student syndrome; students syndrome defines the condition behavior students to only handle assignments few hours before its deadline. It is commonly referred to as planned procrastination. Consequently, students form a habit which harms their body health in the long term.
Students are also under pressure because of abusive and oppressive relationships. When the students are mistreated by their friends, they would endure much stress. Relationship exposes the students to numerous risks including sexual abuse and physical abuse among others. Apart from relationship issues, personal factor could also cause stress among the students including negative perceptions, bad behaviors or attitudes (Deci and Richard 11). It is important for student to control their personal factors to avoid potential stress. Increased academic work can also pressure students. When students are unable to handle their school workload, they often endure sleepless nights and might end up in depression.
Moreover, students under pressure will have lesser time to spend on their social life. While facing a ton of assignments, students must rather concentrate on finishing their works than go hanging out with friends. Kathryn DeWitt, an athletic student in University of Pennsylvania, is facing the pressure of perfection and being isolated by peers. All the students in the class were looking well. Each morning, the school administrations usually send emails to the faculty and students highlighting their achievements. “Certain women entered into the lecture halls with full makeup and they often discussed about their excellent internship experiences. Ms. Dewitt was keen on her week’s class assignment. Her friends’ lives seemed full of fun as observed from many selfies depicting the need to have many friends. Even posted meals were looking delicious”(Scelfo). In fact, students who focus on assignments do not have much time spent on social life even though they want to. Despite assiduous completion of assignments, students want more time to spend on their own life doing other activities.
When students are under pressure, there are some of adverse effects that such situations could lead including leads to poor academic performance. It is because the students have low concentration to their school work. Final paper writing help service. School work and assignments often demands for a high concentration level from the students. Long-term concentrations help the students to perform well in their academic work. However, facing pressure reduces their concentration level placing their academic performance at risk. In such situations, the students will only commit few hours trying to understand the school works while more hours and concentration is required on their school work.
In addition, students facing pressure will have adverse social lives and relationships. Students are always values social relationships. The social relationships are important in promoting social inclusion and reproductive growth. Pressure disrupts their engagement with other students and could lead to stress. Isolation is another effect of pressure among students. Students facing difficult moments often try to isolate themselves form other people and try to resolve them (De Meyer et al. 541). The students under press will also grow resentments against others without any good reason. For example, they will get irritated for nothing or small thigs that could be resolved easily. Thus, pressure among students leads to isolation, loneliness, and gets the students to do bad things to others without proper reasons.
In conclusion, the consequences that students under pressure get harm from exhaustion and have lesser social life are caused by their parents’ and teachers’ expectations, peer-competitions, worries about future career, and disadvantages limitations. Students nowadays are living under the workload that is not what it was when mom and pop roamed the campus jungle in the past. No doubt they must be wise on how they choose to survive.

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