Prepare a narration control your superintendent which: 1) Using the Annual Narration of Tesco adapted at the cethcoming link: a) Explains the expression ‘stakeholder’ and identifies three types of stakeholder of Tesco. 15% b) Analyses how the Environmental and Political Review and the Municipal Governance Narration acceleration Tesco manifest its execution in expressions of its municipal and political responsibilities to span of the stakeholders authorized in a) aloft.  35%  2) Analyses and evaluates the financial comcomposition of Benedict Co. using a rove of financial pertinencys to as the requirements of immanent customers, investors, lenders and suppliers. Your partition should: a) Explain the scope and junction of the separated pertinencys. b) Include the results control each separated pertinency and reasons control the move betwixt the span years. c) Highlight any aspects of the execution of Benedict Co. which would confer source control solicitude. d) Critically evaluate the contact of financial pertinencys in interpreting and measuring the execution of a association. All calculations should be shown in bountiful as an sequel to the narration. 40%  Marks are adapted control the exhibition of your narration including composition, diction and the exhibition of referencing. 10%   

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