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Company: L3 Harris Technologies, Inc. Stock Symbol: LHX Open the merge to the company’s financial assertions. The merge is listed inferior the Resources distinction (conceive beneath). Revisal the facts interposed with the allowance assertion, pit fencing, and coin issue tabs.  
1. Expound the knowledge granted by each financial assertion and embrace particular examples.
2. Revisal the accounting facts and expound indisputable or denying trends. How does this impression the trade?
3. If you were an investor which financial assertion AND accounts would you revisal? Why?
4. If you were a part of the superintendence team which financial assertion AND accounts would you revisal? Why?   
Write a dissertation among 1,000 to 1,700 articulation. Controlmat your dissertation accordant with APA guidelines. Deliverable: Dissertation (MS Word) Revisal your Originality Reverberation generated from SafeAssign. A upstart originality reverberation is created with each attack. Your terminal attack is used control grading.   
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