For each post, be succinct, using no more than 75 words. Also feel free to explore the features of Yellowdig, such as the ability to embed videos and pictures, create polls, use hashtags, like or love a post, and so on.

Here are some ideas for your pin (post) to get you started:

Find a short video or article about neurons, action potential, neurotransmitters, or other aspects of the neurotransmission process. Share the link to your source and a short summary of the source. Include why you found the resource helpful to your understanding.
Discuss an area of communication in the nervous system in Chapter 2 that stood out to you. Why was this information important to you? Can you see it affecting your personal or professional life?
Find an article about neuroscience research in the popular press (such as The New York Times, CNN, Psychology Today). Share a link to your source and a short summary of the source. Discuss why this made the news and why it is important.
Find a video about an aspect of the nervous system. Share the link and a short summary. Also, share what stood out to you the most or surprised you.
Find a scholarly, peer-reviewed article showing empirical research in an area of neuroscience. If you want to get a head start on your Unit 5 assignment, you can read the assignment instructions in Unit 5 and chose an article that would apply. Post a link to the article and a brief summary of the research methods used and the author’s conclusions.


Find a graph (for example, bar chart, histogram, or pie chart) from the Internet. You may use a Web site, news resource site, journal article, et cetera. Please provide a link to the graph. Using the tips from your text as a guide, find out if the graph is displayed accurately. Why or why not? Would changing the order of the slices or bars matter? Why or why not? What improvements would you suggest for the graph?Please be sure to reference the text and the source of your example

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