Fun Fact: Miami Dade College is the largest institution of higher education in the nation,  and is #1 in Associates Degrees awarded to Hispanics and African Americans.


1. Tell us why you are going to College and include a few benefits you expect from this experience.

2. What does success mean to you? You can refer to your reading about success in this lesson.

3. Based on the results of the learning styles assessment that you completed and the video you watched, how would you best describe your own learning style(s) and study preferences?
Which of the study strategies recommended for your learning style will you be using?  Provide 3 detailed examples.


Here is a partial good example of a former student post (used with permission):

Example 1:
“Hello everyone!
After reviewing Chapter 1 and learning about the different learning styles, I took a step back and asked myself the question: how do I best learn a task or subject? I think that I have a combination of all types of learning styles, but the most dominant learning style would have to be Visual/Graphic.

I tend to understand best when I am able to visualize the concepts I am being taught and jot them down on paper. Watching videos, seeing someone do something in person, or creating a graphic of what I am being taught all help to solidify ideas and help me to remember them.

One real-life example I can think of is when I started working for a company where I was selling Networking Hardware. Mind you, I had NO IDEA, nor did I have any experience, in networking. So, I picked up a book on the subject and I tried to learn as much as I could. I couldn’t grasp the ideas until I asked someone to sit down with me and draw out how the hardware worked. Once I saw it on paper, my brain started making sense of it, and I was able to understand what I would be selling.

I would describe myself as having interpersonal intelligence. What drew my current career path, sales, and management, is my innate ability to connect to people by being aware and responsive to not only their verbal language but their non-verbal language (i.e. body language, mood, behavior, tone, etc.), as well. On a daily basis, I am tasked with dealing with all sorts of people from all walks of life who are dealing with all sorts of issues. What makes me great at my job is the way I can adapt to people’s moods and make them feel comfortable enough to trust me with handling their situations. As a part of my job, I also have to learn how my employees are motivated and make sure I customize strategies to help motivate each one. I believe that I am a pretty well-rounded individual, but I think this is the way I am smart.”

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