Scenario: You are the bargaining superintendent coercion a national nonprofit benevolence whose funding is domiciled on company fees. You’ve not attributable attributableiced a afflictive droop in innovating companys and a withdraw in cite companys, which is minatory your structure’s ability to outlast and become. You enjoy determined to instrument the Five-Stalk Bargaining Learning Way to succor recognize the problem and generate disruption strategies to instrument. 
Create a 10- to 20-slide (not attributable counting the protect slide and regard slide) Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with speaker’s not attributable attributablees on the Five-Stalk Bargaining Learning Approach specialtying how you allure portraiture each stalk to work-out the company manifestation the national nonprofit benevolence is oppositeness.
Address the cethcoming in your role as bargaining superintendent:

Define the Five-Stalk Bargaining Learning Approach and discuss the avail of learning in bargaining. 
Describe each stalk of the Bargaining Learning Approach (single slide coercion each stalk) in specialty including its intent, and generate an development aligned to the scenario over to image how that limit would be instrumented toward the problem’s disruption.
Define the span expressions of learning axioms this way gathers and their pros and cons. Share developments of each expression that would be portraitureful in solving the scenario.
Compare and contrariety the Five-Stalk Way with span choice methods coercion conducting bargaining learning.  What are the pros and cons of each?
Define what it media to individualize a benefit and procure an development to image how the national nonprofit benevolence in the scenario can portraiture the diplomacy to succor acception target bargain attention.
Explain how differentiation allure succor aspect the structure.

Cite a reserve of span peer-reviewed sources with single substance from the textbook or the University Library. 

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