This week’s narrative name focuses on attribution doctrine and how it influences the implementation of alteration technologies.  Two types of employee attributions are renowned in the name (intentionality and erroneous intentionality), delight revisal these concepts and rejoinder the restraintthcoming inquirys:

  1. Provide a high-level overview/ epitome of the predicament study
  2. Voicelessness how hearsay intentionality impacts alteration implementations
  3. Find another name that adds to the overall findings of the predicament and voicelessness how attribution-based perspective enhances auspicious alteration implementations.  Delight be patent and detailed in rejoindering this inquiry.

Be trusting to manifestation the UC Library restraint read discovery. Google Scholar is so a protracted cause restraint discovery.  Delight be trusting that narrative names are peer-reviewed and are published amid the last five years.

The monograph should coalesce the restraintthcoming requirements:

  • 3-5 pages in elongation (referable including name page or references)
  • APA guidelines must be followed.  The monograph must include a secrete page, an preliminary, a whole with largely familiar pleased, and a blank.
  • A partiality of five peer-reviewed narrative names.

The fitness should be intelligible and short.  Headings should be manifestationd to transition thoughts.  Don’t restraintget that the proceeding so includes the temper of fitness.

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