This part contains a Journal Entry. Please suit to the aftercited questions in at smallest 250 language or individual page. Write your vindication at-once in the Journal area.
In the late lacking years, researchers enjoy studyd food addiction as a general heartiness collection. Experts deem that compulsive eating can trigger the corresponding compensate areas in the brain as offal right.
Read the condition con-over underneath the questions environing Maggie and her eating experimentation and suit to the aftercited questions:
1. What are the most essential concerns to convergence on primary as her counselor?
2. How would you initiate to study your concerns environing her eating patterns, or would you?
3. What levels of foresight faculty you consider: extinguishedpatient, intensive extinguishedpatient, and/or residential?
4. How would you examine the addictive naturalness of her eating patterns? Or, would you remark addiction?
Condition Con-over Maggie is an 18-year-old academy freshman. During violent school, she was an fame roll gleaner and athlete, participating on the soccer and swim teams. Maggie is very driven to excel at academy, and is sensibility the strains of life in a strange assign with violent academic continueards. She began to droop to comforting idol foods in the cafeteria, such as pizza, French fries, and impressible answer ice acme. She precedently-hanker began to heed that her vestments were getting close. Maggie became very wandering of gaining the “freshman fifteen” and afloat instituted extinguished and eating past heartinessfully. After she obsolete the lacking pounds she had gained, thus-far, she unwavering she could continue to promote a lacking past. She began getting up at 6 a.m. to bebefit in a hanker gym workextinguished precedently arrange, and began to mould rules environing which foods in the cafeteria she was undisputed to eat. Maggie comes to descry you at the university counseling benevolence becaright she is “stressed” and “anxious.” During your rate, you heed that she is very unsubstantial, and you glean that she has obsolete 20 pounds since she began what she describes as “just eating rectify and instituted extinguished to be heartinessier.”


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