Assess your occupation: 

Fast eager a scant months…Your associate asks you how your occupation is doing and you are unstrong how precisely to exculpation. In circumstance, you are referable necessarily strong how your occupation is going since you are so fantastic to this! This keep-akeep-adistribute earn acceleration you frame your thoughts and end up with a over controlmalized regularity and financial reporting can acceleration you prove your good-fortune (or bankruptcy thereof!).

Control your cart, end up with a controlm to mention avail and financial pose.  Expand your Excel spreadsheet from keep-akeep-adistribute 1 by adding an added tab. There is no disuniteicular controlmat control this. Data should be dispassionate based on your deviceions from Keep-adistribute 1 and conceive every expenses. Your track is referable hanging on whether you are making a avail.

Use the momentum from the argument controlums from week’s 6-7 where we accumulatively brainstormed methods of (a) if the occupation was available and (b) how to meastrong availability in a functional controlmat. 

Conceive an anatomy that summarizes your findings in a functional carriage.

This keep-akeep-adistribute of the device should be closely 2 – 4 pages including the financials.

The dependence is imputable by the blank of week 8.

Best of luck! Any questions, bestow them my controlm

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