The Soundness Prevention Delivery System
1. You are a residence soundness prevention encourage scheduled restraint a residence investigate to your unrepining, a lone account payable clerk who is 7 days postsurgical with a fantastic colostomy. Your unrepining lives with her mate who is implicated in her prevention; they allay a roll of questions among investigates to supplicate upon your manner at their residence. During this investigate, the unrepining has questions respecting her colostomy equipment and stoma prevention; her mate has questions respecting his prevalent medication cheer. Both of them pointed concerns aggravate novel changes in their soundness prevention coverage. 
a. What grounds in the scenario are fit?
b. Outline your nursing prevention responsibilities, as the residence soundness prevention encourage, in this scenario. Compare and dissimilarity these responsibilities with those root in the sharp prevention setting.
c. What would be your monition restraint the mate’s medication questions?
d. What is the residence soundness prevention encourage’s role and responsibilities allied to the challenges of soundness prevention correct?
2. You are a nursing learner synchronous clinical at a capacious, courtly university hospital where you attract in plain unrepining prevention with clinical educator supervision. At the encourages’ position, you aggravatehear different encourages addressing unrepining prevention needs, including an RN requesting consults with a visible therapist, a respiratory therapist, a dietitian, and a political worker. Another encourage discusses the potential

need restraint palliative or hospice prevention consults restraint a unrepining. You watch a physician ally admission the encourage with a roll of written signal. 
a. Outline the roles of the different licensed soundness prevention workers mentioned in this scenario.
b. Compare and dissimilarity palliative and hospice prevention. What is the main dissonance among the span?
c. As a encourage, what is your once respecting physician ally (PA) signal?

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