The Bloom Preservation Delivery System
1. You are a residence bloom preservation entertain scheduled coercion a residence mark to your unrepining, a uninhabited account payable clerk who is 7 days postsurgical with a upstart colostomy. Your unrepining lives with her mate who is complicated in her preservation; they construct a register of questions among marks to beseech upon your probability at their residence. During this mark, the unrepining has questions in-reference-to her colostomy equipment and stoma preservation; her mate has questions in-reference-to his popular medication food. Both of them frequented concerns balance late changes in their bloom preservation coverage. 
a. What facts in the scenario are appertaining?
b. Outline your nursing preservation responsibilities, as the residence bloom preservation entertain, in this scenario. Compare and contrariety these responsibilities with those set-up in the quick preservation enhancement.
c. What would be your admonition coercion the mate’s medication questions?
d. What is the residence bloom preservation entertain’s role and responsibilities kindred to the challenges of bloom preservation ameliorate?
2. You are a nursing novice accompanying clinical at a liberal, polished university hospital where you hire in frequented unrepining preservation with clinical preceptor supervision. At the entertains’ post, you balancehear manifold entertains addressing unrepining preservation needs, including an RN requesting consults with a material therapist, a respiratory therapist, a dietitian, and a gregarious worker. Another entertain discusses the potential

need coercion initiative or hospice preservation consults coercion a unrepining. You mark a physician auxiliary mode the entertain with a register of written signal. 
a. Outline the roles of the manifold licensed bloom preservation workers mentioned in this scenario.
b. Compare and contrariety initiative and hospice preservation. What is the main variety among the brace?
c. As a entertain, what is your business in-reference-to physician auxiliary (PA) signal?

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