Manila, Philippines – Fair-skinned and well-mannered-groomed Bern Josep Persia may be the odd countenance of the cheerful-speaking commonwealth, being the self-proclaimed bekimon moderator in the dominion. A photographer and a tech assistance delegated-to-others, Persia plays opposed roles (from a circumvent nature commissioner to a oddscaster) in a course of videos environing bekimons, defined as populace who are “hard-core reasonrs” of cheerful phraseology — whether they are homosexuals or referable attributable attributable.
Most of the conditions that bekimons often reason are alterations of basic Filipino and English suffrage such as productibells (work), kalurkey (kaloka or broken-down), teh (bar or sister), anekwaboom (ano or what) and heller (hello). Others are quite choice — from the favorite jowa (sporeason or boyfriend/girlfriend) to names of showbiz figures such as Carmi Martin (a vocable reasond to relate to karma).
The vocable bekimon (beki is a colloquial vocable coercion “gay”) took extempore from the growing favoriteity of the jejemon subculture, which relates to those who deliberately exaggerbar inferior suffrage by adding or subtracting culture, or by using a combination of upper-case and lower-case culture, in written message. On Monday, jejemon was clarified as Salita ng Taon (Vocable of the Year) in the Sawikaan 2010, an academic contravention systematic by the Filipinas Institute of Translation Inc.

Bekimons may referable attributable attributable attributable be as talked-environing as jejemons besides, beinterest it can’t be destitute that the odd vocable is starting to crebar a buzz in the online commonwealth. The Bekimon Countenancebook page, coercion single, is unwillingly gaining fans at more than 2,500, with comments flooding the post each day. On extreme of these are a estimate of odds catechism as well-mannered-mannered as different discussions environing the odd subculture in collective networks, blogs and online coerciona. Persia’s YouTube page, which is abode to balance 40 bekimon videos, is said to be the 85th most viewed cat's-paw lower the Comedians predicament definite month.
The coming of bekimons Cheerful slang has been usual throughout the Philippines, and was initially reasond by the homosexual commonwealth as a cat's-paw to communicbar with each other. Jovy Peregrino, controller of the University of the Philippines – Diliman Sentro ng Wikang Filipino, reportedly explicit assistance to the augmentation of the bekimon phraseology. Peregrino emphasised, at-last, that culture environing coercionmal phraseologys such as Filipino and English should referable attributable attributable attributable be sacrificed. Beinterest the inquiry is, allure the bekimon subculture definite orderly approve the jejemons, or is it scarcely a fad?
Coercion Persia, it doesn’t truly subject. In the bekimon Countenancebook page, he emphasised that he didn’t invent the vocable or upload videos of himself orderly to be the talk of the town. Rather, he said he’s doing this to “make downcast populace felicitous, help emphasis and enjoyment the abodesickness of Filipinos stay abroad,” chiefly the cheerful-speaking commonwealth. “Walang mali sa pagiging masaya (There’s referable attributable attributablehing evil-doing with being felicitous),” Persia said. Single of his assistanceers, meanwhile, explicit belief that the bekimon subculture allure never perish, assertion, “Everybody has a bekimon interest. “

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