What are the geriatric nursing ? In both that geriatric nurse should you a series of tasks to accomplish . For example , are – you often for responsible Measurement and registration of vital signs ; Administration of drugs ; Patient training and massage ; on signs of ill -treatment by persons older the people do care ; Transportation of patients to visit the home doctor and other appointments ; and To support patients in their needs daily such as to washing, dressing and going to the toilet . In all this , you must also lead the medical records accurate and your offer with the recommendations of doctors your patient to vote . Nurses are often not only for the physical well-being of their responsible patients , but also for their spiritual well-being and emotional well-being . People older patients seem often grumpy or in anger to be , and much of reasons such as the lack of health , the lack of independence and isolation of their relatives . In both that geriatric nurse should you this patient in the eye keep and try , even in the most difficult moments of joy and compassion to stay . If you are in so that geriatric nurse to work , you ‘ll usually also to encourage , with the members of family of your patients to communicate . May require that you the system support or the medication of a patient explanation or a connection between the family members , the sick and the doctor product . In both that geriatric nurse are you also in an excellent position for the patients and their families for advice on specific of health and performance of issues to give . care to people older The US Department of Health (HHS) is updating its strategic plan and defining its mission and goals for the next four years . The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) then built its strategic goals . Currently , the CMS strategy has four main objectives : Better the care and decrease of costs Prevention and public health Extended insurance sickness Excellence of the company The practitioners , the more adult care , should be the objectives consciously be and they in their approach to the persons aged understand . The overall goal is it , the experience of the patient to improve and a high quality offers at lower of cost offers . In addition , the need for the doctors geriatric to ensure that the strategies of prevention include the health of patients and communities . Since older adults usually several chronic disorders have and also cognitive , social or functional problems have to , have to a more demand on health of care and consume disproportionate many resources for the care health . People 65 years have the highest rates of fixed hospitalizations , more than 2 , 5 – times more than the 45-64 years ( 1 ). Medicare has steadily increased its share of costs for non- mothers and non – born patients hospitalized stays at 25.1% for the 45-64 one year and 97% for 65- years and more ( 1 ). The people of 65 YR and more elderly are the most wide use of the room emergency per capita ( 538 , 3 visits per 1 000 inhabitants ) ( 2 ). The half of the traditional insurance – disease – receiving 65 years or more than 14% of generation or more of their income on the outside of the pocket of costs in care health , with an even more burden to the more than 85 years ( 3 ). 88% of most older adults take at least one prescription drug was 36% 5 or more prescription drugs ( 4 ). Because of their multiple diseases chronic are the people aged probably many doctors see and a health system in a change different . As a result, is that for older patients especially important , a constant , integrated care in some institutions of care provide that sometimes as the continuity of the offers mentioned is . The communication between the care primary physicians , specialists , of other doctors and patients , as well as their members of the family , in particular if the patient between different devices transferred to , is essential to ensure , that the patients in all installations a reasonable the offers received . The health records electronic may facilitate the communication . The changes in the structure and function of the system nervous will occur in the course of normal aging and may be the changes of mobility , the balance , the coordination , the feeling , the result of the understanding , performance or cognitive behavior . These changes reflect a slowdown in the neurology Reaction , because less of neurons are available for the messages sensory and motor and to send in from of the center of the system nervous . The terms common for vertigo is the vertigo , Syncope and imbalance . Stroke is also a myocardial brain called . It is caused by an interruption of the blood supply certain regions of the brain . This interruption may cause an occlusion or to produce Bleeding . The occlusion leads to an ischemic accident vascular brain , which as thrombogenic bischoffi and embolic classified is – . A stroke thrombogenic of Vischer is produced in the vesicles , so the blood oxygenated only runs not until the closing Site Web . Accident vascular cerebral embolic occurs on , if located any where form of clots The nurses , on the field of geriatrics , as well as Gerontology known , the work , the focus is on the care of the older adult . It is of an area of activity important nachgefragtes , because the people older having more chances to benefit from services of health have need of their help . The half of all the admissions to the hospital applies for patients over 65 years , but only 1% of nurses is geriatric certified. The nurses in geriatrics are trained to the needs of health physical and mental of persons older, often complex, to understand and to treat . Nurses try , their patients to help , their health to protect and changes of their capacity mental and physical to cope , to ensure that the people older can stay as long as possible so independent and active . Many people elderly people suffer in health complaints , for which no hospitalization required is that however with medication , the change food , to help special the material , all the days of exercises or of other adjustments treaties will have . The nurses act frequently as as manager of the event , with of his family , with the resources community for helping to make contacts with them in the care of members over age. Geriatric of care is a rapid growth of career , because as the Americans over the life . The generation of post-war “baby – boomers ” has just the age of retirement reached . According to the United – States of census will be up in 2050 more than 20% of Americans – 88 million of people – more than 65 year old is . (Cherry, 2011) The care of the elderly of people can a challenging , but rewarding the experience of being . It is important to keep in mind , that is , the needs of older customers not to those of other people differ . They have the same needs physical and mental that any person of any age. These needs are sometimes reinforced by the changes that the normal way of life interrupts . If it is produced , to more aged the people to understand , the acceptance and knowledge , which is a person in respect of care Comments from customers “I miss the words . I have just the edited version of my introduced the item recovered . After that I your changes continue reading had , sit me here and stared five minutes from time at the computer , not to believe , as I this type of service is in fact at about internet has been taken . I ‘m really stunned . the time that my editor-in- chief not only for the treatment , but also for the addition of insightful comments , care reviews, etc . spent have the needs , is impressive . I ‘m every person that I know of the trial Bishop said . ” The one of the observable trends which is of a review of the literature and the search for care nursing in gerontology result , is the increase in the development of specific requirements and opportunities for the learning and practice of gerontology in care nurses ( Deschodt et al 2010;. Toslon Foreman and ; . and al 2011th al, 2010). Thanks to the development of special of programs training for the care of gerontology and put in instead of specialized environments learning can practice of care Gerontology significantly improved and ecological design are ( Deschodt et al ., 2010). These programs of education contribute also to the codification and implementation of specific of values in this as for the care of gerontology important are , and do that , that the needs of the patient, not only in medicine , but also on social and emotional level encounter are ( Tolson et al., 2011). These values may in particular the practices of care and standards put in work are the well at through a broad research and evidence in relation to the different Ökazien , Ökazien and needs specific of practices of care developed were (Foreman et al., 2010 ). In the breast of the clinical practice (https://www.paperdue.com/topic/clinical-practice-essays) of Gerontology care , research and improvement eorts have to improve the quality of life of patients Gerontology in the first line on the methods will focus , rather than to respond to the concerns medical specific to the patient geriatric. The identification and addressing emotional and psychological of problems , that which is made of a deterioration of health in the old age will pose , is an important part of the clinical practice of gerontological nurse (Phillips et al., 2011). The maintenance of a reasonable level of activity at home by geriatric ambulatory of patients may also a significant impact on the well-being have. Conclusion It is to be hoped , that this research into small dimensions for the development of gerontology in care nurses and to enforce this discipline as useful and relevant for care nursing contribution has . Although is the care with the emergence of new areas of expertise and the development of new perspectives and requirements always complex , but can this complexity with a constant intake of conscience the literature and more professional trends effectively mastered are . With a such a consciousness of a better patient ‘s care . Works Cited Fillit, Howard M., Kenneth Rockwood, and John B. Young. Brocklehurst’s Textbook of Geriatric Medicine and Gerontology E-Book. Elsevier Health Sciences, 2016. Closs, Vera Elizabeth, et al. “Frailty and geriatric syndromes in elderly assisted in primary health care.” Acta scientiarum: health sciences. Maringá. Vol. 38, no. 1 (2016), p. 9-18 (2016). ~~~For this or similar assignment papers~~~