Manifesto Madam electoral commissioner, Honourable executive manageress and supervisor of studies, Teaching and unteaching staffs of this noble institution, Enthusiastic student, co-aspirant, Invited guest, Distinguished ladies and gentlemen I greet you all. My name is Gideon Katey Fayorsey vying for the office of the school prefect and I deem it an honour to stand before you this morning to read my manifesto.
As we all know here comes another election season or era which is characterised by the handing over of spiritual and physical batons from the old Elijah’s to the new Elisha’s First and foremost I would like to tell you reasons why you should vote for me, there so many reasons but I would like talk about three of them for the sake of time, to begin with I would like to tackle discipline As we all know discipline comes first in the life of an academician. We also know canning is not the only way to discipline a child but counselling which is a also very good way of disciplining a child.
Which I have started doing through spreading of the gospel. Comfortably seated Ladies and gentle imagine you disrespected a teacher when the teacher comes to the class teach will you be able to concentrate? No you cannot concentrate because at the first place you cannot look at the face of the teacher this cause many students to dislike and fail a particular subject. I Gideon Katey Fayorsey about to be elected will ensure that discipline is held in the highest level Secondly I would like talk to you about the reading of your books.

Nowadays literacy week is part of our academic activities but still students find it very hard to read their books which isn’t good because the is a saying that “A man who does not read gets constipation of thoughts and diarrhea of words” I will make sure all students read at least two story books a week. And the last but not the least is My ultimate priority of the “ Ancora Impara” which simply means that the attitude of learning shall I hold indisputably to ensure that my time shall see a considerably rise in academic performance with the blare of a trumpet so that we can all say something has happened out of the blues.
Finally I will like to cast your vote for it is what is going to catapult me into unleashing my daring ambition. Vote for Gideon Katey Fayorsey this your decision to have a change of lifetime for it is said that “The journey of a thousand mile begins with a step” and that step is to be taken by you by voting for me. Vote Gideon Katey Fayorsey the potential potentate who has the power, ability, capability and capacity to head you towards the attainment of your aspiration. Vote and vote wisely for your vote is your greatest power and secrete. God bless you all! God Bless Great St Paul’s !! God bless Lutheran!!! Thank you all.

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