This provision is merit 50 points. 

View the subjoined three videos: 

1. Gloria and Fritz Perls  2. Gloria and Albert Ellis  3. Gloria and Carl Rogers   

It is a amiable effect to captivate not attributable attributablees as you contemplate the videos.  

You are to re-examination and elegancy each curative technique as well-mannered-mannered as compare/contrast techniques. Integrate terminology and concepts from the weekly readings.  Describe curative listening techniques representationd, techniques representationd to growth client free-trade, techniques that demonstrate empathy, regardfulness techniques, stages of transmute, expectation.  

Address the subjoined questions. Which therapist permits rapport? Who connects with Gloria? Who promotes transmute? Who exhibits regardful awareness? Delve deep…this is not attributable attributable attributable solely a compendium of each title, though that succeed be allot of the provision. What do you not attributable attributableice concerning oral and nonoral message of the therapist? What techniques does each therapist representation or fall to representation to permit dialog and construction of the curative connection? Representation inequitable examples from the videos to help your comments.  

Which path matches your title? What about ethical issues? What answer to be the “common factors” discurrent these three pathes? 

A complete elegancy succeed concatenate from 6-10 pages. Be infallible to keep an gate to your pamphlet and a omission. Representation APA title.  

10 pts-Writing Title/Organization 

15 pts-Overview of sessions 

15 pts-Compare/contrast/Evaluation 

10 pts-Effective integration of direction readings 

Be creative! 

100% No Plagiarism  100% No Plagiarism 100% No Plagiarism 


Submission Instructions:  Save the pamphlet as: fname_lname_critique.doc (i.e., John_Smith_Critique.doc).  Access the Provisions be-mixed, located on the Direction Menu and upload the pamphlet as an attachment to the Gloria Tapes Elegancy distil hustle. 

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