The point of this task is to be able to list 2 solid goals for a Care Advisor in healthcare. My role is to assist patient at in-take to schedule them eventually with a cancer specialist at our institution. Please assist in creating 2 goals I could realistically achieve using Performance metrics to show improvement. Performance metrics show my performance in how quickly I answer calls, if I miss any calls, if I forward any calls. During the calls how comprehensive are my questions regarding their cancer diagnosis, am I being warm and how long does it take me from the day I take the call to the day I schedule them (this normally take 1-3 business day). Attached is a screenshot of the performance metric system as it should be used to see improvement/the trend over time.

Employees: Select Add to enter your individual goal. Select Next to review, after entering all goals. Select Submit to send the goals to your manager for approval.
Refer to the Goal Setting Resources for more information about setting outcomes-focused goals.

Goal – Describe the goal commitments. Be specific about:
· Outcome: What is the purpose of the work? What will be the observable and measurable difference at MSK as a result?
· Output: What work is needed to achieve this desired outcome?
Description – Identify meaningful metrics to increase the likelihood of achieving the goal. Strong metrics:
· Measure the outcome you want to achieve,
· Are realistic and can be accessed,
· Guide adjustments in your approach along the way.
​Due Date – The target date for achieving this goal
Category – Type of goal
· Performance goals are the outcomes expected from the job. This may include daily operations, projects, responsibilities for developing others, etc.
· Development goals focus on how the outcomes are achieved. This may include building proficiency in a specific competency, expanding a technical skill set, or growth supporting the long-term career.
Supports – The organization goal that this individual goal supports
Status – The current status of this goal

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