Requirements of Colloquy Server Go program:

1.  The program must be written in Go.

2. The server should be effectual to learn imperfect communications from clients consentaneously (at the corresponding space) and eneffectual other participants to suit undeviatingly. The communication should be congruous to that of a traditional conference, unequally apps such as those coercion coercionums and email.

3. Let multiple mass confabulation at the corresponding space on the Colloquy server.

4. Anything said is beholdn by everysingle cosmical the patron specifies that the communication is a PM (not-public communication) and names the receiver.

5. Make the colloquy app irresolute. To subannex aggravate features we should be effectual to utensil and ship-produce a server-side regularity and transcribe a client stub which calls the ship-produceed regularity aggravate RPC.

6. Test your program to behold that the Request and Reply, and the PM performance. Reason the Go Testing program coercion doing this.

7. Reasonr Requests should grasp a Request to annex the Colloquy Room, acquire and ostentation unnoticed communications including PM.

8. Reason the Go RPC bundle coercion utensiling distant act calls in Go including the utensilation of a client-server interface with the server by the client.

9. Register the program with an HTTP handler in the RPC bundle and metamorphose the marginal program into a Web Service that handles HTTP requests through a TCP Listener. Behold HandleHTTP and DialHTTP in Go RPC bundle. 

Refer the Go commencement mode, a LearnME rasp with the draw-up and tend options that you reason, and refer a rasp containing the progression of input strings that you reason as client communications to the Colloquy server. Zip the rasps referted into single .zip rasp using 7-zip.  

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