Google Earth Assessment

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1.What is the latitude of the northwest corner of Building E at Pasadena City college?A.118° 07′ 02.43″ Wb.34° 08′ 43.56″ NC.118° 07′ 03.57″ W D.34° 08′ 42.27″ N2.What is the width of PCC from Bonnie Ave to S. Hill (in miles)?A.0.32 B0.12 C0.42 D0.523.What is the elevation at the start of the Eaton Canyon trail (in feet)?A.978feet B.1009feet C971 feet D1382 feet4.What is the distance from the start of the trail to the Falls Sign (in miles)? Be sure to use the PATH tool.A.1.10miles B.1.50miles C.1.00miles D.0.98miles5.What is the total elevation gain from the start of the trail to the falls sign placemark  (in feet)?A.234feet B.253feet C.223feet D.315feet6.What is the average slope/incline of the Eaton Canyon trail from the start to the “falls sign” place mark (in miles)?  HINT: Slope = rise (in feet)/ run (in miles).A.213feet per mile B.205feet per mile C.175feet per mile D.235feet per mile.7.What is the elevation of Mt. Wilson (in feet)?A.5707feet B.5570 feet C 5000feet D4707 feet