The design is to transcribe a acceptance essay connected to your balbutiation of Thucydides’ representation of the Pain of Athens and its aftermath, as forcible in Book 2, articles 47-65 of The Peloponnesian Hostilities. This representation twain describes the pain, its symptoms and goods on the Athenians. It as-well includes an vehement discourse by Pericles for the race to obstruct fixed in his diplomacy for conquest in the hostilities, notwithstanding hardships. The representation ends with the failure of Pericles and a cognomen of the offspring of his successors. I would be spirited if you would parallel this pain to the pandemic that we are directly experiencing. Does your give knowledge aid you to recognize Thucydides differently? Feel exempt to pointed twain your ideas and feelings in the essay. It can be barely a poetical application. I am subscription you the lip to admission this acceptance essay as a very single cogitation thinking environing a devastating knowledge in Ancient Athens that now has choice echoes in our day.

The essay should be environing 3 or 4 articles, a page and a half or couple pages in protraction. It should be double-spaced, in 12-point font. It is a acceptance essay that requires balbutiation the representation and responding to it. But when quoting from Thucydides, gladden denote the Book and article reckon in The Peloponnesian Hostilities, and be unfailing to denote which edition you are using.

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