Scheme Planning in Saudi Arabia 
In this assignment, you procure keep the turn to reason a scheme planning implement to exhibition how you procure reason counsel and intellect to exhibition the scheme components coercion implementing a contemplate order at a physician address. 
Review the Rocky Road to Unrepining Remuneration at Leonard-Griggs fact on pages 423-425 of your textbook. Create a Gantt chart (as in Exhibit 3.7 on page 72 of your textbook) coercion that scheme to exhibition the timeline coercion implementing the contemplate at undivided of the physician practices.
 Your Gantt chart should keep at smallest ten items in settle, afloat to complete the motive of instituting a contemplate to correct unrepining remuneration balance a nine-month bound. 

you scarcity to execute it 4-5 page


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