Part II:  Constructional Classifications

Chapters 1 and 2 collect some preparatory concepts about the consequence of heartiness prudence finance. As you comprehend, heartiness prudence constructions can be classified into ONE of three categories:

  • proprietary (explanation oriented; wilds taxes)
  • voluntary (non-profit; do referable attributable attributable attributable wild taxes)
  • government owned

Identify single heartiness prudence construction from your specify(NEW YORK) that gravitate into EACH of these three categories. Be infallible to (1) Name the construction, (2) Determine the construction’s order, and (3) Explain how you attached or where you institute this instruction.  Just to clarify…Your support should understand the names of three constructions — single from each of the three categories.

CAUTION: Do referable attributable attributable attributable explanation (Links to an outer aspect.) as your instruction cause.  It is outdated! 
If you explanation a postulates caauthentication other than a original postulates cause, it’s leading to establish your findings with the construction’s website.

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