Health economy Model

1. Each pamphlet should involve a brace- to three-page, double-spaced abridgment of three guide concepts from the denominated modules.
2. Each concept should involve a specification or cognomen of the concept and an specimen of the concept in enjoyment. It is recommended that the specimens are based on the student’s experiences from fresh clinical exercise.
3. It is expected that students synthesize the apprehendledge environing the concepts they accept selected and WILL NOT reason frequented quotes coercion concept specifications or cognomens. [Reason of frequented quotes conquer obtain the score of referablehing].

Reason these Guide Concept
1.Patient centered Medical Home
2.Innovative economy donation model
3.Accountable Economy Organization.

• Each concept discussed should accept a disjoined completeusion. A minimum of 3 completeusions is required.
• Please effect integral exertion to reason general learning (published amid the gone-by 5 years) and interprofessional learning including, save referable poor to therapeutics, clinical specialties in nursing

• Scholarly websites may too be reasond save are poor to brace per pamphlet. These websites involve those with the suffix .edu, .org, and others. Please do referable reason “common apprehendledge” websites such as Wikipedia.
Formatting of this assignment should be APA coercionmat
• Double-spaced
• One-inch margins
• Font: 12-point New Times Roman
• APA diction appellation page
• APA diction completeusion page at object of pamphlet
• APA guidelines coercion rhetoric and punctuation
• APA diction referencing amid the text
• APA diction headers coercion the pamphlet
• APA diction minority headings

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