Thesis statement provided.   

Healthcare workers in high-exposure professions should be giving hazard pay because of the high risk they face interacting with patients that are infected with coronavirus You will be provided with 3 reasons you can choose to keep and go by or change your own reasoning. You must take information from the articles given and find one article on your own online  as long as it is scholarly. 

3 reasons-   

Patients will see many other healthcare workers than just nurses that come into their rooms. You have evs, phlebotomist, cna’s, radiology and more. 

  Healthcare workers that encounter patients with COVID, still have a home to go to and have a risk of spreading it to their families 


Healthcare workers are encountering COVID patients and lack the equipment to enter the room.

Please provide title page, abstract “not a long one” and reference page. 

Only use 1 direct word for word quotations per source. You may cite using quotations marks, author, year and page for exact words.  Do  paraphrase if you would like to. 

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