Resource Notebook and Annotated Bibliography
Assignment Content
Collect, organize, and present in a resource notebook some information relevant to the practice of individual counseling. Include practical information that you can use in your work as a professional counselor.

Collect a minimum of 5 items, for your notebook, not including the annotated bibliography. Your grade is based on the quality, breadth, and depth of information in your notebook. Examples of items to collect include the following:
• Personal journal entries
• Literature from counseling organizations and agencies
• Charts, drawings, and other handouts related to the counseling practice
• Reference lists for books, videos, and other materials addressing counseling issues
• Website resources
• Any other creative resources

Compile a comprehensive annotated bibliography.
• Review the Annotated Bibliography document on the Center for Writing Excellence website.
• Include a minimum of 10 peer-reviewed articles on topics relevant to individual counseling. The 10 articles presented in your annotated bibliography must be different from those used in the other papers you submitted for this course. Find a variety of articles to review for this assignment. Select articles that interest and intrigue you.
• Include the annotated bibliography in your resource notebook.

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