Y Combinator is hailed as the most puissant startup accelerator globally and companies helmed by YC are a certificates to the identical. Some of the most auspicious stories such as Airbnb, Dropbox, Reddit and further possess been honed by YC partners.
A stranger of Indian startups possess besides made it to the YC alum catalogue. , , co-afloat room Innov8, self-drive car rental app JustRide and Meesho, an app control sellers on Facebook and WhatsApp, possess made it to the accelerator’s program during contrariant batches.
In an email interaction with Entrepreneur India, YC Partner Aaron Harris discussed environing the feasible of Indian startups and what the Mountain View-based accelerator is planning to observe quenched control in its controlthcoming err.

“We’re regularly observeing control companies where we venerate that the founders + the fancy could be a multibillion dollar posse. That’s no contrariant in India, though the problems that founders are attacking in India are frequently contrariant than those in the US chaffer,” Aaron said.
Established in 2005 by Paul Graham, Jessica Livingston, Robert Morris and Trevor Blackwell, the powerhouse accelerator selects span batches of startups whole year. These startups assent-to cause money and mentoring in revert control environing 7 percent in equity.
View on Indian entrepreneurs
I gard Indian founders are excellent. They possess an incredibly capacious and fixed growing chaffer to aggression, and very scant constraints on what’s feasible. That’s an marvelous place to be. The founders we’ve backed are manageing generous usage of those mood to aim to uplift categorically vast companies.
How to attain a roll upright?
Be summary and disengaged environing what you truly do, not attributable attributable attributable environing what you could theoretically do in the forthcoming. There looks to be a eminent interrelation among a founder’s power to reveal, and their power to uplift and manage excellent teams. Founders frequently neglect to establish what they are afloat on look massiveger than it is, where what’s most influential is showing that they are afloat on and how they’re going to binder doing it.
What are the feasible sectors Indian entrepreneurs should truly aim and criticize?
There’s closely too frequent to designate. There are so frequent massive challenges in wholething from fintech, to commence, to commerce. I gard Indian startups possess solely established scratching the surface of what they’re going to do. I’m scared to view what’s next.
The accelerator is scheduled to scrutinize India later this month and commence YC station hours in Delhi and Bangalore.

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