Unit Title Audit, Assurance and Compliance
Impost Type Order Provision and Order Video Grant
Impost Title Auditors and Oppidan Governance
Purpose of the impost (with ULO
Mapping) Students are required to investigation the ASX Oppidan Governance Energys and Admonitions and argue how prelation of each ASX Oppidan Governance energy, by the client posse, gain move the auditor’s miss impost course, the audit mode, the audit manoeuvre and audit illustration.
Learning Extinguishedcomes:
1. Demonstrate an construction of the auditor’s functional, lawful and ethical responsibilities to their clients and third parties (ULO 2)
2. Learn the audit planning procedures, evaluate the matter miss and assess the inside administer (ULO 4)
3. Prepare auditing procedures moderate transactions and balances by conducting administer and comprehensible tests (ULO 5)
Wview 30% of the entirety imposts
Entirety Indications 30
Acsum boundary Maximum 3,000 accounts
Due Quittance Week 9
Surrender Guidelines • Integral performance must be submitted on Blackboard by the due quittance concurrently with a completed Provision Cbalance Page.
• The provision must be in MS Acsum moderatemat, sole spacing, 12-pt Arial font and 2cm margins on integral indecent sides of your page with embezzle individuality headings and page collection.
• Relation sources must be cited in the cite of the announce, and scheduleed embezzlely at the purpose in a relation schedule using Harvard referencing fashion.
2 Provision Restrictedations
This provision grant to repair students’ precarious thinking skills and remarkable enjoin contact abilities by investigationing the ASX Oppidan Governance energys. Students gain scarcity to evaluate what the mitigated implications are moderate the auditor when the client posse has adopted the ASX Oppidan Governance energys in ample.
The provision constitution must be as supervenes:
1. Holmes Institute Provision Cbalance Sheet – Ample Name, Student No., Campus, Session No.
2. Executive Anatomy
• The Executive anatomy should be expressive and referable attributable attributable attributable envelop so greatly point.
• It should execute observation on the deep points simply and supervene the posteriority of the announce.
• Write the Executive Anatomy behind the announce is completed, and uniformly you own an balanceview of the gross cite.
• The Executive Anatomy appears on the chief page of the announce.
3. Space Page – This scarcitys to pretence a discussionative scheduleing of integral the sub-headings of the announce’s space. Referable attributable attributablee this is extreme from the entirety acsum sum.
4. Portico – A inconsiderable chapter which includes elucidation, occasion and the deep points excited in enjoin of significance. There should be a inconsiderable quittance assertion at the purpose of the Portico.
5. Deep Organization Chapters with numbered sub-headings – Pointed instruction which elaborates on the deep points excited in the Portico. Each chapter should commence with a obvious question passage, then sustaining passages with axioms and illustration obtained from investigation and shape with a past passage at the purpose.
6. Quittance – A discussionative and discussionative evaluation grounded on a thoroughgoinggoing and an extrinsic impost of the investigation done.
7. Appendices – Include any added explanatory instruction which is supplementary and/ or graphical to succor adjoin the deep ideas made in the announce. Refer to the appendices in the deep organization chapters, as and where embezzle. (Note this is extreme from the entirety acsum sum.)
Provision Question – Auditors and Oppidan Governance
Read the superveneing cite from the Australian Accounting Review (AAR), which is a courteous-mannered-behaved-known and affable Accounting record. As stated:
“Oppidan governance is of growing significance in Australia, New Zealand and integral balance the universe. Oppidan governance interacts with auditing and it is helpful to learn how oppidan governance and auditing move companies.”
Source: Hay, David & Stewart, Jenny & Redmayne, Nives. (2017). The Role of Auditing in Oppidan Governance in Australia and New Zealand: A Investigation Synthesis: Auditing and Governance in
Australia and New Zealand. Australian Accounting Review. 27. 10.1111/auar.12190. (Australian Accounting Review 27(1) · August 2017)
With relation to the “ASX Oppidan Governance Council’s Oppidan Governance Energys and Admonitions”:
• Identify and teach each of the view ASX Oppidan Governance energys and admonitions
• Inconsiderablely teach what the mitigated commodities of ample prelation of each oppidan governance energy and admonition gain own moderate the posse
• Teach how ample prelation of the view ASX Oppidan Governance energys is mitigated to influence:
o Miss impost course o Audit mode o Audit manoeuvre
o Audit illustration
Resources and Relation Links:
1. Citebook: Gay & Simnett, Auditing & Assurance Services in Australia, 6th Edn, McGraw Hill Education, 2017
2. https://www.cpaaustralia.com.au/podcast/contemporary-perspectives-on-corporategovernance
3. https://asic.gov.au
Order Moderatemation and Order Provision
Students are required to performance on the provision in orders of 4 – 6, fruit a order announce and a inconsiderable video grant of closely 10mins. Order conjunction gain scarcity to be adjoind to the topical campus lecturer in despatches to the session lecturer by week 6.
Both impost items must be submitted on Blackboard. The written provision must be in a announce moderatemat and submitted through safe-assign foregoing to latest surrender. The originality percentage should be as poor as potential. The written surrender must be double-checked, edited and rephrased if the originality percentage and plagiarism miss is referable attributable attributableed as Medium or High, as per safe-assign.
Video Grant
Students must right power-points slides with obvious dot-points, referable attributable attributableing the guide instruction. The video grant should be considered a functional matter grant, which would be viewed by colleagues in the Auditing business. Integral students in the order must join-in in the video or indications gain be deducted. Video grants should referable attributable attributable attributable surpass the 10mins duration boundary or indications gain be deducted. Impressive video grants may be played in assort supposing that acquiesce is attached.
Marking Criteria
Order Provision Indicationing Criteria Weighting
Executive Anatomy 3%
Deep Organization of the Announce 10%
Quittance 3%
Punctuation, spelling, language, acsum dainty, academic English indication 2%
Announce grant, moderatematting and commoditiesive right of any added materials 1%
Emend referencing, In-cite extract, acknowledgement of sources, amalgamation 1%
Wview 20%
Video Grant Indicationing Criteria Weighting
Able unrecorded despatch of the guide pleasededed in a functional carriage. 4%
Able right of power-point slides with obviously plain cite in expressive assertions and commoditiesive coverage of the pleasededed in a functionally fruitd grant, which is attractive and discussionatively constitutiond. 4%
Entirety protraction of the video grant is amid the 10mins boundary and commoditiesive community of integral order members is referable attributable attributableed. 2%
Wview 10%
Entirety Wview 30%
5 Indicationing Rubric
Excellent Very Good-tempered-natured-natured Good-tempered-natured Satisfactory Unsatisfactory
(3 indications) Very commoditiesively written epitome with obvious despatch of the deep points in a expressive chapter. (3 indications) Competently right a vigorous epitome. The deep points are adjoind courteous-mannered-behaved.
(2.5 indications) Epitome is courteous-mannered-behaved-behaved written with integral the expected points excited. (2 indications) Epitome is obviously written, still it is inconsiderable or has some errors.
(1.5 indication)
Epitome is spoilt and sick written. So inconsiderable.
(0 – 1 indication)
Deep Organization
(10 indications) Courteous-mannered-behaved-behaved organised space. Deep points are discussionatively enjoined; thin apprehension of structuring and course of guide instruction. Sustaining points are restricted to the deep points and copious axioms and other illustration is supposing and courteous-mannered-behavedarticulated. (8.5 – 10 indications) There are powerful points excited with
a good-tempered-natured-natured discussion
/ disquisition assertion, chaptering is referable attributable attributableed, and the points in the portico are teached in further
point with sustaining illustration. (7.5 – 8.5 indications) There are powerful points excited, chaptering is referable attributable attributableed, and the points in the portico are teached in further point with sustaining illustration. (6.5 – 7.5 indications) Some
organization; deep points are there still they are
disjointed; Less structuring issues.
(6.5 – 5 indications)
Sick organized;
no discussionative progression; commencening and purposeing are unsettled.
No constitution.
Lacks material. No investigation referable attributable attributableed.
(0 – 4.5 indications)
Quittance (3 indications) Very courteous-mannered-behaved
quittance with a obvious and discussionative evaluation with positive and affable assertions grounded on an quick impost of the illustration artificial. (3 indications) Quittance is courteous-mannered-behaved-behaved written as a expressive anatomy which discussionatively evaluates the deep discussion with illustration rightd and examples. (2.5 indications) Quittance is discussionative and an evaluation is made, still there is some closing of illustration or profundity of anatomy, which would own improved the balanceintegral affableness of the announce. (2 indications) Quittance is referable attributable attributableed and an evaluation is
still it is closinging in ample point or sustaining illustration. Requires further anatomy and
some proofreading.
(1.5 indication) Quittance is sick written with no evaluation and no discussionative closeness. No illustration of anatomy. Poor attempt.
(0 -1 indication)
Spelling and
(2 indications) No errors. Courteous-mannered-behaved-behaved proofread. Obviously edited and polished
foregoing to surrender. (2 indications) Edited and polished foregoing to surrender with individual or couple errors. (1.75 indications) Simply less errors. Scarcitys some editing. (1.5 indications) Numerous
less errors. Referable attributable attributable attributable proofread or edited commoditiesively. (1 indication) Numerous superior and less errors which distract
construction and
clarity. Referable attributable attributable attributable proofread. Referable attributable attributable attributable edited. Academic English plane is poor. (0 -1 indication)
Format and
(1 indication) Very courteous-mannered-behaved-behaved moderatematted with sub-headings, page collection, appendices, and commoditiesive right of tables/graphics
(1 indication) Moderatematting is courteous-mannered-behaved-behaved firm extinguished and obvious, still there are less issues in subheadings, page collection, appendices and/or graphics. (0.85 indication) Moderatematting is overhead plummet and meets integral the basic requirements with a space page, subheadings and page numbering.
(0.75 indication)
Formatting is
argumentative and obviously constitutiond, still page collection are damage or subheadings or space page is inconsiderable
(0.5 indication) No moderatematting or closing of structuring. (0 indication)
Referencing and Extract
(1 indication) Relations are suitably emend using Harvard fashion or APA fashion. No damage extracts. A vigorous relation schedule with pertinent and trustworthy sources rightd. Illustration of enlightened investigation.
(1 indication) Relations are suitably emend using Harvard fashion or APA fashion. No damage extracts.
References rightd are good-tempered-natured, still referable attributable attributable attributable enlightened.
(0.85 indication) Generally emend referencing using Harvard
fashion or APA
style. Further relations required. (0.75 indication)
References are rightd, still referable attributable attributable attributable rightd suitably. Referable attributable attributable attributable ample investigation done. (0.5 indication) Relations are damage or do referable attributable attributable attributable comply with
emend referencing fashion.
(0 indication)

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