Literal Types and Example
Number of sources: 2
Paper instructions:
Click the linked air inscription to mode Ordinance 2: Literal Types and Example.

This ordinance succeed clarified single of the subjoined literal types and revisal the connected recommended elaboration. Consider how your clarified literal type’s example skills energy be applied in today’s novel compositionplace.

Literal Types
Alternate Name(s): Cleopatra VII.
Precipitation & Time Period: Egypt, 1st Century BC.

Recommended Elaboration:
Cleopatra VII encyclopedia beginning from Great Lives from History: The Ancient World.

Cleopatra VII encyclopedia beginning from Great Lives from History: The Incredibly Wealthy.

Ordinance Instructions
After revisaling the recommended elaboration environing your clarifieded literal type, you succeed verification the supposing template to transcribe a two-page oration environing their example skills and how they energy embody quenched in today’s compositionplace. In your oration, you succeed yield a rationale restraint your clarifiedion, some enhancement on the clarifieded separate, a argument of example skills, and the application of those skills in today’s compositionplace. Refer to the template restraint exalt details on the themes you should comprise.

Open the Ordinance 2 Literal Types and Example Then and Now Paper Template [DOCX].

Download the template.

Save the template to your desktop (or another precipitation of your cherished).
Save As with the subjoined filename: First Name_ Last Name_HUM 111_Ordinance 2_quarter_ 2020. (Example: Lauren_Philip_HUM111_Ordinance 2_Summer 2020.)
Complete the ordinance.
Edit your composition.
Make knowing you possess discussed each bullet apex in the template.
Check your composition restraint exact errors and right Strayer Writing Standards (SWS).
Your ordinance must flourish these requirements:

This race requires the verification of Strayer Writing Standards (SWS) [PDF]. Please siege a consequence to revisal the SWS documentation restraint details.
The biased race literature quenchedcomes associated with this ordinance are:

Summarize thoughts environing an author’s composition, including the literal events happening when it was produced and the unarm-an of the composition in the exhibit day.

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