Historical Trends and State of Health Care in the USA Include citation reference QUESTION 1–There have been many issues regarding the need to reform the financing and payment systems of health care. Many different ideas have been tried and have failed. How would you design a better health care system for the U.S. population? Who would control the health care decisions? Would everyone be required to join? Who would control the costs of care? If the government provided the care, would malpractice lawsuits increase? QUESTION 2—What impact has health care reform had on the way you receive care for yourself or your family members? Historical Trends and State of Health Care in the USA In the design of a new healthcare system for the United States, I would take the approach of the UK. The UK National Health Service (NHS) is a government-sponsored program where people are entitled to healthcare without cost at the point of use. The idea of making healthcare to be government-sponsored at taking away from private institutions is to get rid of greed (Catlin & Cowan, 2015). The private institution’s focus is to make a profit, and that is to mean that they would inflate the cost of healthcare. However, the use of government funding gets rid of the desire for profits and thus focusing on the quality of care. In developing this system, I would focus on shared decision making. The focus of such an approach is to ensure that individuals are supported to make the right decisions. It is a collaborative method through which clinicians focus on offering support to the patient to reach a decision. The approach would be universal, and thus everyone would be required to join. Besides, it is government-sponsored, and therefore, the responsibility of controlling the costs would remain with the government (Stevens, 2017). As mentioned the focus is to provide affordable care to everyone and not to make profits. However, there is a concern on malpractices. Recent studies have shown that most of the misconduct occurs in government-sponsored healthcare. There are several cases of misappropriation of funds (Gilbert, 2017). Therefore, it might be hard to deal with such issues within the healthcare policy. The current and the previous government have taken several steps towards the delivery of healthcare. I do think that during the Obama care the cost of care was affordable. I do believe that the policy was more focused on delivering the best care as opposed to profit-making. Therefore the current approach seems to affect my access to affordable healthcare. I am forced to look for cheaper options as opposed to quality. References Catlin, A. C., & Cowan, C. A. (2015). History of health spending in the United States, 1960-2013. Baltimore, MD: Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Gilbert, N. (2017). Targeting social benefits: International perspectives and trends. Routledge. Stevens, R. (2017). Medical practice in modern England: the impact of specialization and state medicine. Routledge. ~~~For this or similar assignment papers~~~