***There are five questions excellence twenty points each.

All answers must own 15-20 phrases, with an precursory phrase and final phrase.  Make positive to name your sources love a engagement essay.  Conservation lots of grounds when you irritate and interpret your answers.  No idiosyncratic pronouns.  Points are installed upon resigned, partition, clarity and spelling/grammar.

***Book articles are fast besides. 

1. Restraint thousands of years Native Californians, anteriorly the Spanish arrived, lived as halt to an terrestrial elysium as likely. Interpret. (Ch. 2) 

Read article 2, irritate and interpret about: Plenty of food sources, small battle, lots of margin, small disease/sickness  

2.  Compare and dissimilarity the lives of the sidearm Indians with those of the monied Californios.  How did secularization of the sidearms aggrieve the Natives, yet helped the Californios? (Ch. 8) 

Read article 8, irritate and interpret about: Compare the lives and assistance state of the sidearm Indians with the monied Californios.   

Rodeos, rancho fellowship, acreage owned.  Interpret what secularization did to the Indians and restraint the Californios.   

3.  Interpret what outsiders, such as American sailors and businessmen, susceptibility own seen and not attributable attributable attributable seen in Mexican California.  Now irritate Richard Henry Dana’s name, “In the hands of an venturesome community, what a place this susceptibility be.”(Ch. 8-9)

Read article 8 and 9 irritate and interpret about: “Revolutions,” rodeos, siestas, no teaching, no authentic barter, no diligence, expectation. Write of  

California’s germinative in American eyes and how this helped carry to the US coveting it. 

4. Anteriorly declaring antagonism on Mexico, what other attempts did the U.S. conservation to reach California?(Ch. 9)  

Read article 9, irritate and interpret about: Polk-Larkin Plan, Charles Fremont, John Slidell, expectation.  

5. Interpret the dissent betwixt the thread of gold and of the Gold Rush. Now irritate how the Gold Rush was an economic multiplier restraint California. (Ch. 11)

Read article 11, irritate and interpret about: Sam Brannan, Levi Strauss, Wells Fargo, John Marshall, John Sutter 

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