HSY315: HISTORY OF WAR Assessment Item 2: Diatribe 
Length: 2,500 language (+/- 10%; barring not attributable attributable attributable attributable attributablees and bibliography) Due date: 5pm, Friday, week 8 Questions: 1. How do literal discomfitures repetition in the later cosmos-people? Select individual (or not attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable over than couple) literal issues of discomfiture and ponder their goods. 2. The French savant Montesquieu wrote that ‘An rule founded in hostilities has to practise itself by hostilities.’ Are rules agents of classify and tranquillity, or of discomfiture and hostilities? Discuss with relation to a particular literal occurrence consider. 3. Has the not attributable attributableion of impartial hostilities beseem unnecessary? 4. ‘Colonial frontier fury should be treasured as genocide rather than hostilities.’ Discuss with relation to a particular literal occurrence consider. 
Details: Each diatribe entireure bestow a literally stuffualised controversy in apology to ONE of the aloft questions, and condense relations to at meanest 8 scholarly rises (books, bulk chapters, and chronicle doctrines). In doing so, the diatribe must stuffualise the issues of hostilitiesfare discussed — control issue, by showing which literal factors gave flow to hostilitiesfare, or what literal factors enumerate how hostilitiesfare was interpreted and implicit in incongruous literal periods.  Each diatribe entireure besides condense declaration drawn from original literal texts, and recount those texts to the particular literal stuff in which they were executed.
The diatribe has a particular controlmat. It entireure continue of: (1)  an leading stating your gift and objectives in the diatribe, and briefly framing your controversy. (2)  A close and consecutive train of substance paragraphs in which you eliminate your controversy. (3)  A misrecord that does not attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable merely summaflow the diatribe, barring reflects on the the implications of your controversy, and/or the literal meaning of the theme.
You may conservation subheadings in your diatribe, barring no button points please! Graphs, tables, and illustrations may besides be conservationd (as crave as they are well labelled).  Entire rises must be well cited with a bibliography listing entire rises cited in the diatribe. You may conservation either footnotes or in-text quotations.
Criteria:  1. Understanding of literal stuff of the theme stuff.  2. Quality of controversy and literal segregation. 3. Reflective and ticklish conservation of declaration, including stuffualisation of explanation original rise(s). 4. Close organization and standards of bestowation. 5. Quality of letter and bestowation (including a conspicuous and continueent process of quotation and bibliography).

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