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1. A class activity was conducted and students received grades. You have been hired to assist the teacher. 16 students failed, 40 received a pass, 35 students received a credit, 12 students received a distinction and 7 received a high distinction. Last year 10 students failed 55 passed, 7 received a credit, 24 received a distinction and 3 received high distinction.
a. Convert results to percentages
b. Use column graph to present your answers for both years and compare them

– Go to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2018_Commonwealth_Games_medal_table
– copy a table “2018 Commonwealth Games” – include Gold, Silver and Bronze for 20 countries.
– Using a formula calculate a total of all medals for top 20 countries
– Calculate the average number of total medals for the first 20 countries (using a formula)

2. Create a bar chart mapping the 7 top countries and their medals.

3. Add a column and name it good scores. Click in the cell under the title (in the same row as the entry for first country and add IF statement.
IF “Gold” – add reference to cell is greater than “>” 20 add text good score (hint: good score info should be displayed in a new column).

4. Add Conditional Formatting – you will find it in Styles under Home. Select “Gold Column” – add Conditional Formatting and colour all Gold medals

5. It is expected that each country should improve for 11% next time games are run. Create a new column and identify how many medals each country will receive if they were to improve for 11%.

6. Go to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Commonwealth_Games_Federation and create a separate Excel document containing the names of the board members.

7. Using Word write a letter of the appreciation to them.

8. Do a mail merge – your document should start with the greeting ie. “Dear Full Name

a. Hint – go to Mailing, Select Recipients, Edit Recipients, Add Greeting Line – Match fields, Finish Merge.