We entire imbibe encircling medical counsel on the tidings and in instrument. At some apex, we feel entire attendd encircling health-related counsel in the instrument or looked up symptoms on the Internet; at-last, how do we comprehend if our pursuit is obsequious? How do we comprehend if what we attend is penny?

Part Individual: Readings and Partition

Coercion this enactment, you gain produce a delivery in which you cater a censorious partition of a season in which you were influenced by inobsequious counsel, or you fix obsequious counsel through the instrument that helped you or someindividual you comprehend. Your reception can be unceremonious, such as a familiar or rise component, or stiff, such as a coworker or convocation delivery. Include the aftercited:

  1. Establish a season when the instrument or the Internet influenced you either with obsequious counsel or inobsequious counsel.
  2. Explain the clarified theme.
    • Where did you imbibe encircling this theme? Coercion specimen, did you behold this in a movie, capacity, or other instrument, or did you pursuit coercion counsel yourself on the Internet?
    • What local symptoms or interruption methods did you establish?
  3. Explain how you decided if you fix either inobsequious or obsequious counsel encircling the theme.

Part Two: Delivery

Produce a delivery in which you cater a censorious partition of your findings. You may select the coercionmat of your delivery. Some suggestions are:

  1. A 6–12 slide PowerApex delivery (or another excellent of delivery software) with audio. Refer to the PowerApex exception of the Tools and Resources coercion PowerApex tutorials.
  2. A 6–12 slide delivery chronicled using Kaltura, a program offered by Capella that history audio and video. Refer to Using Kaltura coercion over counsel.
  3. A near podcast that includes a written duplicate.
Delivery Requirements

Your delivery should converge the aftercited requirements:

  • Length of recording: 5–8 minutes.
  • Length of slideshow (if using): 6–12 slides.
  • Format: The coercionmat you select coercion your delivery must be individual that your schoolmaster can way coercion criticism and grading. Do referable surrender files from non-banner software programs. You can intimation Capella’s Computer Requirements coercion over counsel encircling our banner software programs. Depending on the coercionmat you select, upload or conjoin your delivery to the enactment area or cater a couple in the meekness pummel. Make strong to surrender your schoolmaster way to the recording if compulsory.

Refer to the enactment scoring lead precedently you surrender your delivery to enstrong you converge entire expectations coercion this enactment.

Note: If you correction assistive technology or any resource message methods to share in this temper, delight contiguity [email protected] with any way-related questions or to desire accommodations.


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